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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lukas is 3

Our little buddy is 3! It is so hard to believe. 
Lukas is such a good boy. He is so sweet, kind, loving, and snuggable.
We had a little family birthday party for him. Grandma Patsy was able to be here too. She came to see the new baby and help out. { and it is so greatly appreciated}
Somebody needs to give this kid a haircut! :)

These are our 3 favorite things about our Luke
1. He is OBSESSED with Beau. 
He calls Beau by his name, never dad. He mimics EVERYTHING he does and calls him "his best friend"
2. He hates clothes. 
Seriously, you can't keep this kid dressed. I swear I dress him at least 3 times a day but he strips his clothes and shoes off every chance he can get. But we don't care, it fits his adventurous little spirit.
3. He is ours! 
Lukas has taught us so much about ourselves. We didn't think our hearts could expand so far, but they have. He is everyone little buddy. He loves his family so much. 

We love you Lukas!!

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