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Sunday, April 8, 2012

She is finally here

After that long pregnancy and how torturous it felt, it is  amazing how quickly you forget the hard part. Or maybe it is how fast you can embrace how hard it was once that beautiful little child is placed in your arms. 
I would do it all again just to have Scarlett here with us!
She is so perfect.
 It feels like she has always been a a part of our family.
The adjustment has been easy and so natural!
I will include my birth experience below, more for my sake... so if you don't want to read just skip down to the pictures! 

Birth Experience
Easter Morning, April 8th, while getting ready for church my water broke. It wasn't that full on water breaking experience you think of. It was more like "did I just pee my pants?" (exactly how Savanah's birth experience was) I wan't having  contractions so I decided to keep getting ready for church anyways and choose not to say anything to Beau. I went to church and felt slightly uncomfortable, nothing unusual for this far along in my pregnancy. I had some copies and things to get done for our Enrichment the following Wednesday, so during Sunday School  I spent mot of my time walking around, finalizing plans, and distributing copies. In the back of my head I kept thinking that maybe my water had broken, but still felt good so just ignored it. 
I went to Relief Society and stood up to do my announcement. When I sat back down I knew that, unless I was peeing my pants again, my water had broken....and now I needed to get up and leave. EMBARRASSING I KNOW! ( Nobody seemed to see me or realize so that was good).
 I got Beau and he took me home. I wanted to clean before we went to the hospital so I had him drop me off and go back to priesthood. I was determined to wait until my contractions started. 
When he came home I started panicking (I had been having hard contractions for a week and felt like something was wrong)  that  something was wrong and that I shouldn't wait. So we headed to the hospital around 2 pm. (still no contractions) 
We got to the hospital and they confirmed my water broke. Since I wasn't in active labor they started me on PIT....which brought back the excruciating contractions again. I kept saying that something felt wrong...I had never had contractions hurt this bad. It seemed weird and unbearable. The nurses kept telling me that labor gets harder with every baby. So I just took their word for it.
I got my epidural which did nothing but numb my thighs. After waiting almost an hour..... I  decided I would be needing another epidural. The second time it worked!

Finally at 9:29 PM 
Scarlett Anne Bunnell  
was born. It was a beautiful birth. The spirit was overwhelmingly strong. 
She is perfect and everything seemed perfect!
I got to enjoy her for about 30 minutes before, once again (just like Lukas' birth, except his was directly after) my body started shaking uncontrollably.  I fevered, Scarlett fevered (  they had to draw blood from her..HATED THAT) and I had to be put on oxygen. I was kind of out of it for about an hour. I was shaking so uncontrollably that I couldn't even hold her. I had an infection caused by my placenta which had grown internally into my c-section scar. So the horrible contraction I get why it hurt soooo bad. 
Although that was a bummer...I really feel blessed to have gotten that 30 minutes with her before i was out of it. I missed out on the first hours of Kennedy's life (due to c-section and some complications) and missed out on the first several hours of Lukas' life (due to high fever..etc) My fever went down quickly (compared to the last time with Luke) and so did Scarlett's.So I felt really lucky. My doctor, Laurie Hansen, is so wonderful during birth. She really is concerned and loving. Which I greatly appreciated.

We are so grateful she is here. That she is healthy and their were no major problems.
I remember growing up when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, while some were saying " keeper..teacher" I would always respond " a mom".
And if I could go back in time my answer would be the same.
Nothing compares to those moments when you get to finally hold your baby after months of anxiously waiting. Nothing compares to the spirit that fills the room, the joy that enters your heart, and that instant feeling of gratitude that the Lord has entrusted us with another sweet little spirit.
My life would not be so richly blessed without my children. 
And for that I will always be grateful I am a mom. 
{remember to turn the music on while you enjoy}


Becca said...

Oh Bonnie, there are so many things I like about this post!
1- I love the picture of her clenching her fists by her face in the hospital bassinet, and the one of you holding her up and her mouth is open, and the ones of your kids with her (Kennedy looks so grown up!)
2- I am so glad you shared the birth story. I forgot about your placenta growing into your scar and I'm so glad she is healthy and happy and that the only price to pay was excruciating pain :).
3- I love your thoughts on being a mom--you are such a good mommy and all FIVE of your kids are so lucky to have you!

Becca said...

PS- the links on your update blog don't work anymore???

{Lindsey} said...

Bonnie, Thank you for sharing this! I miss you!! You are such a fabulous and absolutely wonderful mom, your kids are very blessed to have you for their mother. I loved all the pictures of the kids holding Scarlett, so precious and they all are growing up so fast! The Bunnell family is a blessed family! love you guys!

The Meyers said...

Bonnie, I am so happy for you! So glad everything worked out in the end. We sure love you! Kati

Rivka said...

Love!! She's so beautiful and I'm happy that despite the scary part you're oth well and safe. Truly children are the greatest blessings in life.

kari said...

Wow, made me tear up! I felt the spirit testify that Father was so happy that he could send her to your family.

Being a foster mom has taught me lately how hard it must be for HIM to sometimes send his children here.

So happy for each one of you, she is just PERFECT!! Congrats to you!!


Way to go she is so cute! I am sorry you have been feeling so gross. Well hopefully know she is here you can get back to normal. Good luck!

Hanna in the House... said...

I just can't even stand reading this. I wish I were there to help you, and to hold that sweet baby. I am so excited to meet her this Summer, and can't wait to see you and all the kiddos!
Loved the video..Can't wait to do E and Savs!