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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Pregnancy Facts 
6 months preggers

This 5th pregnancy was the roughest of them all. I threw up almost every single day I was preggers. The first 7 1/2 months were the worst for sickness. It did get a little better towards the end...just in time to feel really uncomfortable. I had Labryntitis off and on through this pregnancy. Which causes constant dizziness and vertigo. Overall, it was rough. I am older. My body is older. I usually enjoy being pregnant, but can honestly say it felt torturous the majority of the time. That being said here are some of the highlights....

-I craved sushi. Especially the first 4 months.
-The last 4 months I craved Potato logs from Lins Deli.
-Cinnamon Rolls
-tuna fish
-yogurt covered raisins
basically anything I didn't have to cook or smell cooking ( SO FAST FOOD)

Random Facts
-We thought for sure this baby was a boy. 
We had the name STETSON JAMES picked out.
It took us both 2 weeks to get into "girl mode" after we found out.

-We had the name SCARLETT picked out by month 3. We just told everyone we didn't know. 
It is different and we didn't want anyone ruining it for us.

Funny tidbits
I fell all the time.
-I did the splits in my friends driveway one time when I fell.
-I fell down the stairs like 20 gazillion times.
-I used my cell phone as the TV remote a dozen times.
-Answered the TV remote like it was the phone.
Lets just say my brain was apparently MIA for the last 9 months.

My Hopes
-To have a good birth experience.
 I missed out on Kenny's due to a c-section. I missed out on the first 5 hours of Luke's life due to a high fever. I definitely wanted this one to be great!
-A healthy baby, of course!

The last month was incredibly long. I had severe anxiety attacks over nothing. 
I am glad it is all over with. I wish I could say it went fast, but it didn't. 
The best part of the whole experience, is of course, the baby!
I learned a lot about patience and making myself stay positive. Everything I went through was worth having Scarlett here with us!
She makes us so happy!!
More to come of the birth experience!

9 months preggers


Jess said...

I am so happy she is here and you can finally get feeling back to normal. We have missed you these past few months! She is beautiful Bon.

Becca said...

You are smart to write down your cravings and memories from pregnancy. I wish I would have done that! I should try to write down what I remember from each of mine. Mostly with Brigham all I ever wanted was homemade apple pie.