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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brag Post Part3


This is our sassy, sweet, spoiled, smart, and giggly third born.
Our lil' Kenny is completely one of a kind. She brings such a vibrant light into our lives.

Kennedy is very smart. Almost too smart for her own good! She really says things that take thought and that keep us wondering where in the world she came from!
She is a very outgoing and head strong girl. She is always smiling. She idols her older sister and tries everything possible to have the full attention of her older brother.(which mostly annoys him) She loves her baby brother and is a very "mothering" girl.

Kennedy loves little trinkets and toys. Polly Pockets, little farm animals, anythig that she can fit in the palm of her hand she loves.
She is our "girlie girl". She is constantly looking at herself in the mirror, fluffing her hair, and trying to steal my makeup. She LOVES lip gloss and when she has it on, she won't let her lips touch. (hilarious to see) She has her own unique sense of fashion (that I have decided to let her explore until school starts) She likes to wear dresses and skirts non-stop, with mis-matched shirts and shoes. She also insists on wearing arm sleeves most days! (total punk rock meets colorblind!)

Kennedy loves to read, loves to "get treats", and loves marshmellows. She plays hard, cries hard, teases hard, sasses hard. She puts 100% into what ever emotion she is experiencing! Total drama queen and diva! (but wouldn't want her any other way) Total daddy's girl!!

We love our lil' "Kenny poo".
She brings light into our lives, humor on a bad day, smiles to our faces, and laughs non-stop.
She is our one-of-a -kind princess.

Our lives our blessed with her in it, more fulfulling, and better because of her!!

We love you Ken!!


The Cutlers said...

I love it!!! she is so adorable and her hair cut just fits her personality so much. I love her!!!

Becca said...

naughty naughty noo noo.

The pictures at the top are exceptionordinarily cute, Boogs. Can't wait to see that lil rascal and laugh at all the funny things she has to say!

Jill said...

What a fun girl. Heidi told me she had spunk. It's funny that she has a sense of fashion already. Good luck taming it before school starts. :)

Genessa said...

So cute Bonnie! You kids are all so smart and so stinking beautiful!! I still can't beleive how long is has been since you guys moved away! Time sure does fly!

The Calder Family said...

Loved all three posts of your kids, makes miss all of you and wish you lived here. Its always so great to hear a mom be so proud of her kids, they are so lucky to have you. Thanks for your example!

Katie Lee said...

What an adorable sassy little girl! We love our kennedy! I do super love the pictures of her, you do such a good job... can't wait for our family photos in October! Love and miss you!

Gina Lee said...

I'm loving your brag posts! Jace also puts 100% into what ever emotion he's experiencing! I love that about him.