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Monday, August 31, 2009

Brag Post Part2


There are so many things I could share about our loving, sweet, stubborn, handsome, second born. He is so full of life and personality.

Some of our very favorite things about our handsome boy Caleb are-
He puts on a "tough exterior" but really is sweet . He has a very tender heart and tries to cover that up. He really is very sensitive. He still asks me to sing "his song" almost every night. He still lets me hold and cuddle him when no one is around! And he is always saying sweet things to me!

Caleb absolutely loves babies. He always asks to hold and play with someone's baby. He loves Lukas so much and always wants to be involved with taking care of him.
Caleb is also abnormally flexible. He has been since he was a baby. He can do the chinese and girl splits without wincing! (Ouch..I will post pictures soon)
He loves to ride his dirt bike and show off all the amazing skills he has already learned.
He is natural little daredevil. The other day when a friend was over...I heard pitter patters of footsteps on the roof. When I looked outside, he had the tramp pulled over to the roof, had climbed on the roof, and was doing flips off of the roof! (total heart attack)
He loves to ride his bike and be outside as much as possible. He consumes his book reading with books about insects, dinosaurs, trucks, and anything boy!

Caleb is very protective of me. If he sees someone teasing me (even for fun) he is the first to jump in and try to rescue me. He is also very protective of his siblings.
He loves to do what dad is doing, say what dad says (uh-oh) and be where dad is. He shadows Beau as much as he can and loves one on one time with dad.

He is a very confident boy. He can be shy around people he doesn't know, but over all is pretty outgoing.
He has recently informed us that he wants his new nick name to be "Skulls." (and doesn't answer sometimes unless we call him that)

I couldn't imagine another child in Caleb's place. Our family is always laughing at his witty personality. We cherish our sweet "Lumpy" in our family.
Our family is happier , better , and blessed because he is in it!

We love you Lumpster! ( I mean Skulls):))
Our lives wouldn't be complete without you!


Hanna in the House... said...

Oh Shnoody! I love these posts about your kiddo's Bon, too cute. I have been feeling the same way now that school has finally started. I have some sort of order now. I am definetly not quite on track however, but hopefully soon. The picture at Zions really were so beautiful. I love Bon, and miss you so much.

Jill said...

I couldn't believe the pic of him doing the splits at the Recoonion. I had to do a double take and look at it again. He seems like a fun kid. And creative, too... with the roof and trampoline. He's lucky he didn't break something. Our neighbor's little boy just did the same thing. I can't wait for the next brag post. I can tell you really enjoy your kids.

Becca said...

I love the new nickname--I'll have to remember that one. And Caleb does look RIDICULOUSLY HANDSOME in all of those photos. He is such a sweetie with babies and I love to see him with Lukas (and Mollie, of course).

Katie Lee said...

I lurve those handsome pictures of Caleb. He is such a sweet boy. I feel like I don't know your kids as well as I want to.... MOVE BACK HOME!!!! What cute kids you have!

KJWilsons said... it. He sounds a lot like son #1.

Jenna said...

these brag posts are just adorable Bonnie - and so fun to read. What a proud mom!

Rivka said...

Stubborness is such a second kid trait! I think it's neat that you're doing these. You kids will love them in years to come.