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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacay...Part 2

We had such a blast at our first Recoonion. Can I just tell you that my sister Rebecca seriously did a fabulous job! She really went all out. And we appreciate it so much! She had so much stuff for everyone to do. It really was a great time and we made wonderful memories from it!

~Some of the highlights~

My mom put $40.00 worth of change, shiny glass rocks, and shells in the creek for the kids to dig out. Man, did the kids enjoy it! They played for hours!
So did we!!


Loved this so much! I still watch it and giggle! I love that my family is so outgoing, spunky, and not afraid to make each other laugh!!

Another fav...

When I say Becca went all out...I mean she really went all out! She had activities for the kids to do non-stop. From swimming, talent show, bingo, rock painting, treasure hunts, and lots more!
(Yes, that is my son showing his awesome talent of the splits. The kid is flexible)


Bear Lake on the last day. What a blast! The kids and adults loved it! And it was such a perfect day!

Other fun things
*making up songs around the campfire
*eating delicious meals
*telling "remember when" stories

Thank you so much Rebecca! That was so much fun. I hate that I am next in line to be in charge, cause how do you compete with what you did?


Becca said...

Boogs, what are you doing up so late?

Oh no you ditn't put up that dancing video!

Thanks for all the compliments--I'm glad you're in charge next, because you're good at planning things, too. I know it's gonna be a blast.

The Cutlers said...

That looks so fun!!!! There are two pictures on your slide show where your mom is smiling and the next is of Truman smiling... THEY ARE MAKING THE EXACT FACE. THat is so cute. Bear Lake is so fun! You all are so cute

Jenna said...

sounds like a ton of fun! I love big family get togethers.

Jill said...

The video is great! Oh my goodness. Will they forgive you for that???

I wouldn't want to have to follow Becca either. I can see that she did an amazing job. It really looks like you guys had a great time.

We just got from Bear Lake. It is such a great place to go as a family.

Monica said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!! The creek dancing is hilarious. The couple pictures are priceless. All I have to say about the splits… oouch!!

Bunnell's said...

Love love it! Looks like so much fun:) I love your family they are so fun and cute:) Seriously need some more ideas for our Bear Lake adventure next year...It has become the Harris reunion now too...

Mandy said...

Yay for posting!!! Boogs I've been checkin all summer long. Now it's getting Hanna to do it.

I seriously love the "Recoonion" you all are hilarious. I only wish I could be part of it. Maybe next year I'll sneak myself in.

The Calder Family said...

Looks like it was a blast!! What great memories all of you now have! My invite must have been lost in the mail or something?!! :) Glad you guys had so much fun! Go Becca!! Love ya!

Natalie said...

Looks like such a fun time with all your family. Those really are the best memories, I love my family get togethers.

Katie Lee said...

It was so much fun! I agree... becca did such a wonderful job! and YES about the dancing Creek video... it was just as fun seeing it on camera as it was watching it live!!! Such good little dancing wenches we have in our family!!! I look forward to Next year! Let us know the days asap so we can get them requested off!