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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Hoorah

(The troops)

We headed out almost two weeks ago, for the last big hoorah of the summer, with our friends the Church's to Zions National Park.
It is sad to admit in the 3 1/2 years we have lived here it was a first time going.
Boy have we missed out!!
This place is super GORG!!

We did a few hikes with kids.
~~1ST HIKE~~

The best part of the hikes are that they were fairly easy. The paths were perfect for the little kids too! It was funny how many sideways glances we received from tourists from other countries. I think they were in "awe" (or quite possibly shock) from how many kids we had!

After the second pool we let the kids play in the water and soak their feet.

After we ate lunch we headed to our next hike

We went as far as you can before the actual "water hike" part. I would love to do that, but with the kids, we figured best to stop. So we found a beautiful quite spot and let the kids play some more in the water!

I loved every minute of the day! We are so blessed to live by such beautiful places. When we were sitting by the water and looking up at the huge mountain ledges, I was so overcome with how lucky we are! What a beautiful land we live in.

( birds)

Before we left we ,of course, drove through the mountain tunnel and honked the horn the whole time! HA! The kids thought that was great!

We seriously are counting the days when we can go again! We hope to use our year pass often and hit Bryce and a few other National Parks too!


Monica said...

I have not too been to Zion’s since Austin was 3 years old.. Chris, Austin and I went one spring and it is truly an amazing place I need to take my family thanks for all the wonderful pics of your family and sharing your summer with me. I love to watch your family grow!
Also (I am just full of gratitude) thanks for all the kind words to Chris it meant a lot!!!!
Love you

The Cutlers said...

That looks awesome. I know Drew wants to come down and do that... so lets plan it!

Darla said...

You have had a wild time this summer!! I wish I could have done all the fun things with you. Zions is sooooo beautiful. Someday I will make it back there. I would like to go on a few more hikes. I hope you are doing good. Miss ya!!

Becca said...

Bonnie--you look GREAT. I would never guess you had a baby four months ago. I love the pictures and I don't judge you anymore for not having been to Zion. Did you buy the annual park pass? Tell me where you get your fonts are or die.

Bunnell's said...

Bon...That is awesome. How fun! I love it there too. I have always LOVED the rocks. The colors are amazing!! When we come in March we need to do something fun like that...Miss ya lady.

Jenna said...

My sister says that place is so beautiful. I really want to go someday - your pictures are just gorgeous. Funny how the places closest to us seem to be the last places we visit. silly. :)

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

Awsome pictures! Looks like it was a lot of fun. We need to do that some time. By the way, you also look great!

Madeline and Family said...

Wow, you have been busy! It all looks like so much fun. I've been a slacker and haven't even posted my summer yet.

Katie Lee said...

Looks like TONS of fun! man, cam and I haven't actually taken a vacation since the first year we were married... i think it's high time we went on one. I love all of your gorgeous nature pictures. So Jel!