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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacay ....Part 3

Beau lives, sleeps, eats, and thinks of nothing else than this trip all year round. We starting planning the meals, etc. after last years for this year. It is his favorite vacation we take. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go with him this year, cause the babe is just still too small for that weather. But hopefully next year.

Beau packed up the gang and headed out Sunday-Wednesday to the White Clouds. He took our two oldest, Savanah and Caleb, his friend Hans and his son Gabe, and Chris and his two oldest kids, Chandler and Gabe. My dad, brother Everett, and his friend Nick met up with them on Monday.

The first day they rode down to Frog Lake. Chris and Beau were the only two who caught a fish, and of course, Beau forgot the camera. He also got a flat tire on his dirt bike, the first day! Bummer. The kids had fun fishing, catching frogs, and playing.

Monday, they hiked into Crater Lake.

Beau said Caleb was like mountain goat. He was the first one down and the first one up. The hike is about 1 mile and 1/2 down hill, but uphill the whole way back.

Everyone caught fish there. Savanah and Caleb both caught their own fish and loved every minute of it.

I think Beau was more excited for everyone else. Listen to him on the movies!

Tuesday they all took it kind-of easy and explored Rail Road Ridge.

Tuesday evening, they all went to the hot springs and enjoyed a soak in the HOT water. the water was extra gren this year and it took some coaxing to get the kids to get in. But once they did, of course, they loved it.

~Other Highlights~
-yummy food/dutch oven
-teaching Caleb how to gut a fish and use a real pole
-having Hans come with Beau and Chris
-Spending time w/ grandpa/Father-in-law
-Beau's special time with both kids

(of course, he didn't take enough pictures of everyone, but I expected that)

I got to spend time with my sisters, mom and two youngest children. I worked most all of Mon-Wed., so I didn't get to see my fam as much as I would have liked. (to check out some sessions, click here. They are not all up yet either!!) Hanna also did a fabulous girls night at her house Tuesday night and that was a lot of fun too!

More to come soon...........


Becca said...

Oh, those pictures make we want to go there so badly--I'm excited we'll do the Recoonion there next year. I didn't know Beau got a flat tire--did he have to push it out, or what?

And I looooooooooooove that "weather" font--so cool, Bon. Your blog has such a cool look to it, Boogs. I can't wait for your DI finds!

Katie Lee said...

oh yes, we definitely need a post of girls night... did we even take pictures? goody goody! We loved having you up here for a week. Wish you could have stayed longer!

Kristin said...

Lovin the new look of your bloggy!! It's fantastic! Looks everyone had a blast:)

Jess and Dusty said...

Wow! I am surprised that you fit taking any pictures into your vacation at all! You sure got lots of stuff in. It's fun to see all of your posts!

kari said...

looks like alot of good fun!