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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Red Creek

A few weekends ago we had the chance to go camping with our good friends the Church's. It was our first overnight camp out of the summer.
I felt like the baby was finally old enough to venture out in the cold nights. Thanks to Ana and Jake our tent stayed nice and warm. The tent heater they lent us worked fabulously and I didn't stress at all we'd get cold! (Got to get me one of those)

We had a fabulous time. It was a much needed trip. The kids got to run around and get as dirty as they wanted. The adults got to chat late into the night around the campfire ( or more like early into the morning).
Beau and Jake took all the kids fishing during the day (except the two babies) and left Ana and I to relax.

The night we left we all stopped and went fishing. It was absolutely beautiful. We let the men fish until it was to dark to see. It was so peaceful to watch the sun go down and see all the kids having so much fun! This is exactly what I needed to recharge and rejuvenate!

To view more nature shots from Red Creek click here!


Kristin said...

So fun!! I am actually jealous! We didn't go camping once:( Red Creek looks absolutely beautiful!

Becca said...

Bonnie, those pictures really are gorgeous--you have so many fun places to camp around there! Makes me excited to come there for Thanksgiving.

Monica said...

I am so jealous! I have not been able to go camping at all this year. now that I work weekends no one is around when i can go camping (oh well maybe next year) it looks like you all had a Fabulous time. love all your pics.

The Coonsters said...


Ana Church said...

Can't wait till next year. More campouts here we come!