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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brag Post Part4


Our mild tempered, sweet, cuddling, lovable, smiley, fourth born, is an absolute joy.

In the short time he has been in our home, he has filled our hearts with so much love!

Lukas is the happiest baby ever. He hardly cries and when he does, it is so soft. And when he cries, he is pretty easily soothed.

He is our first baby to sleep through the night. (Love it!)

He loves to cuddle, smile, coo, and he LOVES music. Anytime music is put on he smiles so huge and kicks his legs. He just loves it!

Lukas is loved by all of his family. He is spoiled. (How could he not be?) He is a big kid for only being four months.

He is so content all of the time.

Lukas has brought a whole new dynamic to our family.

He has filled our hearts with happiness and love.

Our lives have been blessed with him in it, happier because of him, more in tune with him around, and more loving!

We love or lil' "Chubbers"!
Lukas our lives wouldn't be complete without you in it!

We love you Luke!!

(to check out more of Luke's four month photo shoot click here!)

Now go get your brag on!

I want to hear all about your little ones!


Gina Lee said...

You are raising four amazing and adorable kids! They are very lucky to have you for their mom!

The Gray Gang said...

He is adorable! I want to play with him!

Bunnell's said...

He is so stinkin' cute. I want to squeeze him...Not fair that I have not got to meet him yet:( Maybe we will have to come in November?! Love ya lady!

Ana Church said...

So cute bonnie! I swear he gets bigger every time I see him.

Katie Lee said...

holy cow... he looks so much bigger than when we saw him at the reunion. They grow so quickly. He is so adorable, and SUCH a good baby! We love and miss you!

Lindsey said...

Awwww he's such a handsome little guy!

Natalie said...

Can I please come SQUEEZE his cheeks?

Jenn and Tyler said...

I can't believe he is four months already! That went by so fast! He is such a handsome little boy! I'm so happy he is such a great baby for you and your family! Great pictures by the way. You are amazing!

Rivka said...

What a sweetie! You've inspired me. I'm going to follow your example and brag a bit about my kiddos I think.

Robinson Gang said...

Hi Bonnie this is Amy Robinson. I have a question for someone who is great with blogs. My brother in law wants to put a button on the side of his blog that shows his art portfolio if you click on it. How do you do that? I saw that you have like three diferent one's on yours. I would appreciate your help. You can just comment on my blog. Thanks!!!!

Madeline and Family said...

What sweet children you have there. They are lucky to have such a great mother to adore and love them.

Nichole and Rob said...

What a little fatty! I love it!

Hanna in the House... said...

He looks so different! I can't wait to see him and squeeze him! I am getting anxious for you to be here. I have all sorts of goodies lined up for us to do. Love you and all of me cute nephews and neices!