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Friday, September 11, 2009


Kennedy has been excited about this day for awhile now. She gets mad watching "sissy" and "brother" being dropped off to school everyday.

Finally her day came!
She was awake earlier then everybody. She had picked out her outfit the night before (with much coaxing from me, that arm sleeves probably wouldn't match.) She didn't complain and let me do her hair (with more coaxing that we couldn't add pink in it for the first day. So sparkles it was!) She applied lip gloss (her favorite and most wretched way to accessorize. The girl had a mound that Beau and I had to, once again, coax to wipe some off.)

She wasn't scared at all!

(Her teacher...we LOVE her. Seriously, the women is amazing. She also has a few more openings if any of you want to put your 3-4year old in. Let me know and I will get you her info. She is soooo worth it!)

As you can see in the picture she still has her backpack on. I showed her where the hooks were and she said (so kindly)"I want to wear it so the other kids don't steal it. They will all want it because it is cute."

When I picked her up she walked out and said " I was SUPER good mom, and all the other kids were naughty!" (pretty good indicator she was naughty.)

She said "Do you know what this means?" (as she put her head down on her hands)
I said "No, what does it mean?"
Ken "It means I was naughty."
Me "Oh"
Ken" But I told teacher that I would be super good from now on."

None of this shocked me of course. The teacher did say when she walked out "She is a little firecracker!"

Ken has since picked out her outfit for next week.
She definitely will need a little more convincing that go-go boots, a hot green skirt and red arm sleeves maybe won't be the best option!

Man, It's a good thing she is so cute!
I love my little stinker!


Jenna said...

I still have to send McKinley back to her room to change 3 of the 5 school days in a week! She sure sounds like a firecracker. What fun!

Jill said...

Oh that girl is a funny one. And so "fashionable," too. ;) I'm sure she keeps you all smiling. I know she keeps me laughing, and I don't even live with her.

Kristin said...

She's so cute!! It cracks me up about the lip gloss:) You can tell she's a girly girl!

The Meyers said...

So cute!!

Bunnell's said...

She is so funny:) She is a favorite for sure!!! How fun!! As I am pulling up to the building where Max goes to school he starts to collapse and cry. I hope one day he will want to go and the teacher does not have to drag him screaming and kicking:)

Mandy said...

Fun reading your kids school posts.I'm glad they are enjoying their class and their teachers. Makes a huge difference!!

Are you just loving some alone time with the little baby?

The Calder Family said...

So very cute!! Glad she loves it! So does the naughtiness take after you or Beau?! :) I am trying to remember if you were naughty growing up...I should know! Maybe I don't remember because I would have been right in there with you and I've blocked all of that out!! JK Hope you are doing well, love ya!

Hans, Shell, Gabe, Hiett and Sunny Sunflower said...

She looks so much like Savannah when her hair is curled like that! Crazy! I'm glad that you get a little alone time with Luke- it is so relaxing to be alone with a babe

Katie Lee said...

haha... adorable. I love her comments! I'm glad she loves going to school. I can't wait to see you guys... only 3 more weeks!


Oh she is adorable. So is lukas he is so cute wow he is already so big now. YOur such a great photographer YOu really need to come down and take my pictures I would love it call me next time.

Hanna in the House... said...

I love that Kenny! She really is such a fir cracker. I hope that I can keep up on the blogging world now and stay caught up on all of your Fab posts! She looked so cute for her first day of school Bon. It seems wierd that she is in preschool, CRAZY!

The Coonsters said...

All I can say is what a cutie-pie!!

Monica said...

so is so stinking cute!!