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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My cute Aunt Kristie did this! It is a fun one too!You have to find your pictures with a GooGLe image search.
BE Creative and have fun!!

Here's mine. I'll be watching for yours.

Favorite CoLoR


Favorite ANiMaL-

DOG (this will be our next one)

Bad HaBiT-

Biting My Nails

Favorite FooD-

Anything Mexican

Favorite OBJeCTs-

Flip Flops

Town you LiVe in-

My NaME-

Favorite SoNG-

My JoB

Favorite AuTHoR

PeTS Name-

Place I want to TRaVeL-


Favorite DeSSeRT-


jenn said...

sweet! i am just getting ready to do mine! love it! (:

Kris said...

yours are GREAT! I can't tell what the song is??? I love the baby picture at the top, how cute is that.
I could not find my name anywhere... I got desperate and started looking at headstones. How morbid is that?

Roylance Rec. Center said...

Totally Morbid...Kris. you can't see some of my pictures...oh well, I tried to figure it out. Cute Pictures
Love Ali

The Cutlers said...

I don't get what you mean?! EXPLAIN

Hanna Terrill said...

This is a fun one I'll have to do it!!

Rivka said...

I'll definitely do this one soon!