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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Book Tag

I was tagged by my friend Jenny, here is how it works:

Pick up the nearest book (one with at least 123 pages)
Open to page 123
Find the 5th sentence
Post the next 3 sentences
Tag 5 people (or as many as you'd like)

The book nearest to me right now is "Dragon's Gate" by Laurence Yep

" A third man followed, carrying the corpse's shoulders. Both of them were also tied around the waist with the same rope. As they lowered the corpse to the tunnel floor and freed themselves from the rope, I stared in horrified fascination at him"

dun, dun, dun, that intriguing or what? HAHA

I tag the following people: Becca, Kellie, Devyn, and Alison


jenn said...

that is a great idea- so do you like this book that you are reading? you will have to let me know!

Rivka said...

I'm doing this even though you didn't officially tag me. I know you wanted to, deep in your heart! Don't be embarassed! Hee hee

Daniel & Jenny said...

Oooooh...sounds like a good book!

Becca said...

Ooh, goody, Boogs. Can't wait.

Hanna Terrill said...

I am so excited to see how that bench turns out Bon. I hope you get feeling better and get some REST!!!!! I loved being there with you and can't wait to see you next month!

Devyn said...

Yes, I get kinda sick. No throwing up, just feel gross. and tired. With Jaxon I started feeling better around 10 weeks.. I hoping its the same this time!