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Thursday, October 9, 2008


~You Know Your Pregnant When~
(ten reasons I MUST BE pregnant)

  • 1. You find the Phone in the fridge.

  • 2. You have been better friends with the toilet than an actual human being! (HA)

  • 3. You brush your teeth with face wash (that looks nothing like toothpaste) and wonder why the toothpaste taste bad.

  • 4. You forget everything. Even though I am a list person and it is written down in front of me.

  • 5. Your house looks like a tornado hit!

  • 6. You wash the same batch of laundry three times before you realize you haven't changed it.

  • 7. You obsess over your "Muffin dream" all day and daydream about muffins.

  • 8. You crave homemade bread and finally get around to baking some at 9pm at night, and don't get to enjoy a slice until 11pm.

  • 9. You crave chicken enchiladas and they taste so good until you can't hold them down.

  • 10. Nothing ever sounds good to eat!!

    Jess and Dusty said... sad, but so true. Why is it that we lose our brains? Are our hormones really that screwed up? I hope this passes for you soon.

    The Shaws said...

    I still haven't recovered the brain cells I lost during my last pregnancy, so I feel your pain completely. Hang in there!

    I always crave homemade bread but never take the time to make it. :)

    Anonymous said...

    that's hilarous! being pregnant makes us do all kinds of weird things. and why do we have to lose so many brain cells...that is something i can't lose anymore of.

    Adams Family said...

    This is funny that you post this list. On Oprah this week, Dr. Oz actually talked about why we lose our brains when we're pregnant. It was interesting. But, oh does it ever happen.

    Hey, are you related to Wes Bunnell? I saw that you were on their family blog list. His wife Nikki is Brent's cousin (her dad is Brent's mom's first cousin). And they grew up together in Ririe.

    Devyn said...

    so true. i hope you are feeling ok. pregnancy.. ahh what joy!

    Kristin said...

    So funny and so true! I hope you get feeling better soon little miss!!

    andy or missy said...

    I must say that doesn't sound all that great!! Hopefully the sickness gets better soon!

    Kat and Cam Johnson said...

    hilarious... I know you are jealous that half of those things don't apply to me (for example, still only thrown up twice and I'm due TODAY.) But I am sooo sooo sooo excited that you are having a little baby!!! Our kids are going to be in the same grade! :) love you

    The Hammers said...

    Hang in there! Just remember your last post about being pregnant...remember, you LOOOOOOVE it!

    Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

    Now I am not hear to judge you.....but the laundry thing is NUTS!!! Poor you, I am really sorry!! I bet you get you head back soon:)
    To cheer ya up I LOVE your new picture of you and Beau, you two are such HOTTIES!! And the quote you put on it is so sweet,I was thinking about it all day yesterday. I told Quinn that he really does make me feel like I can do anything and I wanted to make sure I was the same to him. So thanks for the sweet thought!
    Now go take a nap and rest your mind..hee hee.

    The Gray Gang said...

    Ha! Too true! I like the pic of you and beau!!

    Lindsey said...

    You make me laugh...thank you, I needed it. So sorry you couldn't fully enjoy the chicken enchilada.
    I hope it gets better for you soon!

    Mandy said...

    First of all I love your new picture you have posted....Adorable!! You are so gorgeous Bonn.

    Secondly I said Huh ( as in I've experienced that ) to most of the "You know you're pregnant when's". Are you getting/feeling better lately?

    The Reeder Raiders said...

    Ok that is funny. I loved being pregnant. The worst I had with my pregnancy was having heartburn. As for cravings, With my Son it was Chicken and raspberry tea, With Second daughter it was Italian food, Third pregnancy was sweets, and my last daughter it was sweets and Beef & Broccoli.
    Love you.

    Becca said...

    What about warm tuna Jell-o?

    The Cutlers said...

    You are so funny! I love all your little pregnancy forgetfulness!!!