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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday "Buckets of Love"

First of all...look at this amazingly fabulous cake that Beau's buddy Tim Stevens and his wife made him! I could not have done this!! Thank you so much!! Beau loved it and refused to eat it because of it's perfection! HA It really is beyond fabulous! Thank you guys~ it was such a GREAt surprise!!

Now to warn you~
(please give caution to gushy, romantic, love sick notions, of affection from me!)

Sorry...I hope I didn't make any of you vomit from the title of my post. Beau and I use to mock people who used really weird terms of endearment. I heard someone once say "buckets of love" or something like that, and mockingly started to call Beau, Buckets. But it stuck and we have called each other that every since!

Since my honey is now the BIG 32 (old, I know...he could practically be my uncle..haha!) I decided to post 32 things that I love about him. It is hard to narrow the millions of reasons why down to just 32, but I will try!

1. I mean, look at him, he is attractive, gorgeous, handsome, how could I not be swooned by him daily!
2. He genuinely gets along with everyone he meets!
3. He is a great kisser. (I could go on and on about his kissing, but for sake of your gag reflexes, I will spare you the details! HA!)
4. He has a unique and funny sense of humor! He can come up with the best sayings and one liners and always get a crowd laughing!
5. We share the same love for the outdoors!
6. He is a good fisherman (Although I have out fished him on many occasions, he still has his own unique style of catching fish. In fact when we were first dating we went fishing to Woodrow 5. Before we had barely started our drive I noticed a dead grasshopper stuck to the back of his shirt. I went to pick it off and he quickly told me to leave it. I thought he was being funny, but when we got to our destination . He peeled it off of his shirt and fastened to his hook and used it for bait! Yes...he actually caught a fish with it too!)
7. He is very down-to-earth. What you see is what you get! He doesn't change his personality, or things he likes to appease others. He is not afraid to be himself!!
8. He is a wonderful breakfast cook. He cooks the kids breakfast every morning and all of us breakfast on Sundays! I love it and the kids look forward to it every morning!
9. He is outgoing! He will do and try anything!
10. He has a shoe fetish. (Ok, so I am sure he thinks he doesn't. But seriously the man has more shoes than me. Every time we go somewhere where shoes are, I usually have a pair or two in the cart for him. Although he still mostly wears the same three pair!)
11. He is a handy, fix-it, get to it, kind of guy! He can rig or fix just about anything. (Hence the Christmas post. He rigged up a slide to his motorbike to pull the kids around in the snow. So clever)
12. He is a HARD worker. He is always helping out other people. He is always working long hours and he never complains about any of it!
14. He is one Hot motorcyclin' dude. He loves to dirt bike ride!!! And looks sawwweeeeet in his gear!!
15. He is a great ironer!! ( I have NEVER picked up an iron since we have been married. He is so great at it and insists! BONUS)
16. He loves to play board, card, and dice games!
17. He has tremendous faith and perseverance!
18. He bites his tongue when he sees something cute or gets mad! It is sooooo funny! I really love it about him!
19. He looks HOT in jeans! HAHA (enough said)
20. He has a strong testimony!
21. He is so supportive in anything I love or do!
22. He is a planner! He has talked about the white clouds since last year and still is planning what to eat, etc.
23. He is fun loving!
24. Did I mention he is a GREAT kisser? !
25. He is the BEST dad. And many tell me all the time how lucky I am to have someone who helps me with the kids as much as he does!!
26. He is motivated!
27. He is energetic!
28. He loves the Lord and puts him first in everything he does!
29. He sets a good example for me and the children!
30. He is a great gardener. He spends at least ten minutes outside watering the garden! It is hilarious!!
32. HE IS BEAU!!! What is not to love about him?

Happy Birthday Buckets! I hope you have the best day ever!! We love you~


Christina said...

Happy bday, Beau. That is sweet of you, Bonnie. Sounds like you got a man you deserve.

The Hammers said...

Happy Birthday Beau! Brad irons too. Funny huh. He sounds great, so you guys must have been made for each other. Have a good one!

Roylance Rec. Center said...

OH BO! Remember when I wrote you that love note and wrote your name like that "Bo" Those were the days. Happy birthday Beau.
Love Ali

The Cutlers said...

Beau... all of my fondest memories of you are sitting in your fabulous green rocker chair (if you ever give it away and NOT TO ME I will KILL YOU) and roasting to death because of the awesome fires you can build. I know I won't ever be cold at your house! Happy Birthday! And Bonnie.. that was so sweet and I only threw up a couple of times in my mouth! LOVE YA

Gina Lee said...

Happy Birthday Beau! I love that he makes you so happy.

Devyn said...

oh that was nice.. happy birthday beau!!

Becca said...

Byoo? Who is Byoo?


That's the sound I make when I gag. :)

But, seriously, RainBeau, I hope your birthday was THE BEST. I mean, I know it won't be complete until you see me in August, but I hope it was good anyway.

The Shaws said...

I almost didn't read on after the disclaimer...your oooey gooeyness wasn't too bad though. :) Happy B-Day to your hubby!

Kristy & Casey said...

happy birthday Beau. He sounds great Bonnie!

Amber Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Beau! And you're right, Bonnie, what's not to love?! :-) I love the picture you have right by that last one--so great!

Nova said...


Hanna Terrill said...

Wretched Seattle Seahawks!!! That cake is pretty sweet however! Finally a new post Bon! Happy belated "Love Buckets", I hope you had a great day! Sorry we didn't call, i bearly remeber my own families b-days! I hope Bon ordered you some pretty sweet biking gear or a new pair of shoes!!!!

The Anderson's said...

Happy B-day Beau! Hope you had a great day. Your post was super sappy but I loved it Bonnie!

Nichole and Rob said...

happy birthday bou! Hey we just moved to cornerstone around the corner. 6 bdrm, 3 bath. So exciting. Talk to you soon.

Bunnell's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...BEAUZARD:) We love you too!!! Wow...Beau you are soooooo OLD;) What a sweet idea 32 things..


Our little "love"ll bug family said...

Hmmmm. Had no idea it was Beau's b-day. I probably wouldn't have made him a cake. That is awesome that the Stevens did that- that is one cool cake- I'm glad you took pictures! HAppy Belated birthday to Beau!

The Gray Gang said...

that has to be the coolest cake ever, it puts all the cakes I've ever made to SHAME, COMPLETE SHAME! Lori made cody a cake for his birthday it was a girl's bod in a bikini... only lori would think of that...
Cody thinks beau should get a bike and do the 50cc with him, it is Cross Country in 50 hours, does NOT even sound fun to me!!! Talk about TB (tired buns!)

happystuff4 said...

Tell him not to fill to old because Darius will be 38 in Nov. so that still make Beau young!!

Lindsey said...

wow that is a great cake. they are way talented. They should start a cake business!
Happy Birthday Beau. I never realized we were the same Bonnie I guess I am old enough to be your non-blood related aunt ha LOL.

lori said...

Happy- (very late) b-day Beau Dean,
32 years old? yikes---- That's how old I was when you and Wes came to live at our house for a while...crazy huh. Love you guys, hope to get together sometime...
auntie Lori.

kari said...

32...your still brand new! I hope you had a wonderful day and have an awsome year. GO SEAHAWKS! Keep taking such good care of him Bonnie, you two are a great team.