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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Terrill's

It has been so lovely to have the Terrill family come to visit. They have been so helpful to us in our rushed moving process. I don't know what we would do without them. This decision to move has been exciting, scary, nerve wrecking, and life changing. 

I have not been sure whether or not to go with Beau to Idaho or wait until the kids get out of school. But it has been nice to have Hanna and Chris' advise to help me make my decision to move with him. We have, literally, just a couple weeks to pack everything up. They brought a trailer with them to haul stuff back and have also made the decision to come back in two weeks to help us haul everything we possibly can. I feel like I am in "zombie mode". Everything is happening so quickly, but having our family here to help us with all the work and emotions has been incredibly comforting in such a chaotic time. I am overwhelmed with their kindness and willingness to help us. 


Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. We have so much to be grateful for this year. We are grateful to be closer to family. We are grateful for Hanna and Chris' service towards us. We are grateful for the Lord's hand in guiding us to Cedar. We have so many wonderful friends here and such wonderful memories. We feel blessed for the Lord's hand in our lives continually. And we are grateful for this new opportunity to move back closer to family.

Regardless of our around the clock working, we were able to still enjoy a holiday feast and the love that it felt this time of year.

Yes, our hearts are full.

What is Thanksgiving without Turkey Bowl to start out the morning. Chris was the star player. Beau hurt his back so was unable to play this year.
Caleb is a great athlete.
Beau enjoyed hanging out with his buddy and watching from the sidelines.

We were so excited to deep fry a turkey for the Terrill family this year. Beau has practiced a few times to perfect it, and YUM. There is nothing more delish than fried turkey.
Chris was helpful with showcasing the oil in a "model like" fashion. {haha}

Hanna and I worked hard on all the fixings and setting up the tablescape.

Do you think these two are excited? {haha}


Of course, there has to be a little weirdness and humor to our day!

The kids enjoyed the day so much. They had spent hours building their "shops" {from our moving boxes} while the adults cooked. They spent the rest of the evening {and weekend, I might add} enjoying themselves out front. 

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