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Friday, November 2, 2012

Life Changes

We have been offered a job in Idaho Falls and will be moving
 The manager called Beau up and really wants him there. It instantly felt so right for Beau. He barely needed to give it a second thought before his mind was made up. For me, it has been a slower process. I DO want to move closer to family. But I feel like our life in Cedar has been very blessed and comfortable. I had just mentioned to Beau that I "was so content here." It is funny how Heavenly Father's plan, is often times, not "my" plan. 

I have outweighed all of the pros and cons. It seems like moving has way more cons than pros, but three pros far outweigh the many cons. We will be closer to family, to enjoy them, to help out, and to have them part of our lives more. We will also be in a better position for lay offs, so that is a definite pro. And Beau will be home more often, a very good pro as well. 

The cons will be financially taxing. We bought our home when the market was high. So we fear we will be stuck in it forever. It can deplete our savings if it doesn't sale quickly. We also will have to live and depend on family while we figure out a home situation on Idaho. I have never been very good at asking for help, so that will be hard.  We can't make a gazillion trips to move, so I will have to leave behind a lot and also sale a lot. I need to decide whether to go with Beau {we have a month to get there-super fast, I know!} or if I should stay behind and let the kids finish school. There is so much to think about and do, it feels a bit overwhelming.

I will admit I have drug my heels to pray about it. I think deep down I knew the Lord's hand was in all of this, but I was reluctant to ask Him for awhile. Now that I have, I know this is the BEST thing for our family at this time of our lives. I had a strong impression, when praying, that it was going to be tough but that it would be WORTH it. I am not sure what that feeling means, but I know I need to trust the Lord and take that leap of faith to know that He has always steered the ship of our lives into the BEST course, no matter how difficult or rocky the ride.

This new little adventure is exciting and equally hard. I wish we could just scoop up all of the people we love and take them with us. There are so many people we will miss terribly. And this area has been such a beautiful place to live. The Lord's hand guided us here and we will always be grateful for that! 

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