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Friday, September 21, 2012

Savanah's 11th Birthday

Savanah is 11.
It feels surreal to me. How is it that it feels like just yesterday I had her?

She is seriously the sweetest girl. Beau and I often say how we learn so much more from her, then she does from us. She is incredibly sensitive to the spirit. She is just so good.
We are completely in love with her!!

Savanah decided for her 11th birthday party that she wanted a Circus themed party. 
We had tons of treats and food, lots of games and challenges, bobbing for apples, a photo booth, and presents galore.

It really turned out so well. 
I am so thankful that Savanah has such great friends.
Look at this cute bunch of kiddos.

 The relay games and challenges were hilarious.  They did everything from chewing massive amounts of gum  as fast as they could so they could blow a bubble, to making mad dashes across the lawn while balancing objects on their head.
The photo booth was a blast. I will definitely be incorporating that for future birthdays!
Jacuel, Kelsey, and Savanah
Savanah and Kailey
Even Scarlett got in on pictures.

 Our neighbor, Sean, coulddn't resist looking over the fence to see what all the noise was about.
{o.k. maybe it was really to score a delish ice cream cone! }

 And it wouldn't be a party without a great Big Birthday Hooray!

Another year older.
I just want to preserve every ounce of their childhood it is going to fast.

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