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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finding Joy in the Journey

One of my favorite quotes of Pres. Monson is 

"Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family."

It is Sundays, like today, that bring this quote to mind.
We like to take Sunday drives, yes, almost every Sunday. Sometimes it is to visit friends, sometimes to take treats around, and lots of times it is to enjoy the mountains that surround us.
We decided to take a drive up to Blow Hard this Sunday. It is beautiful. The overlooks, the trees, the mountains, the rocks...we love it all. 
 The last time we came up here all together was when Lukas was a baby. 
I have the cutest picture of The oldest 3 on this same log. It is hard to believe that we have five children now.

 The weather was perfect and it really was just as beautiful as ever.
Of course I had to take a gazillion jillion pictures.

 Even Max was in Heaven!
It is so nice to finally be able to take him with us again. 
And even better that we can all go together comfortably for a change.

The kids love searching for rocks and exploring.
Of course with sippy cup in tow...
EEEKKK....Can I just say how EXCITED I am that fall is just around the corner! The leaves are already changing!
This picture makes me laugh. Savanah is totally spacing out..Kenny is obviously excited about something...and Caleb...well I am not sure yet what he is doing. HA!
  Caleb would walk up this dirt road and get Max to follow him. Then he would quickly turn around and tell Max to race him. 
Can you tell who won?
 Max didn't seem to mind...even if Caleb had a small..errrrrr...ok...big head start.
This one says it all! He was in Heaven!

The rest of the kiddos thought that racing looked fun...soooo....On your mark..get set...GO
 Poor Savanah couldn't run very fast or her sandals would fall off.
Hmmm...I wonder who won!

I LOVE days like today. 
Nothing brings me greater joy that to spend precious time with my children and husband. 
These are the memories that will last a lifetime. 

I think of "Finding Joy in the Journey" 
and I too want to do this...

 And if the day couldn't have been better...this beauty flew right in front of us.

Life is so beautifully wonderful!


Becca said...

Boogs--it does look like a perfect Sunday. I can't believe how much Scarlet looks like Lucas in the first picture (does her name have two t's or one?).

I love all the cute pictures of your cute kids and am jealous of your perfect dog.

Jess said...

This looks like such a wonderful Sunday! I am so glad that you find joy in your days. :)

{Lindsey} said...

Love all the pictures and seeing your sweet family!! The picture of you and Scarlett is precious.

Madeline and Family said...

What a nice post! I love the pictures. Glad to see more of your blog.