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Friday, July 20, 2012


Caleb and Lukas share such a special bond. With nearly 6 years between them I was worried that maybe they wouldn't be friends. But straight from the start these two formed a special unbreakable friendship. 
Caleb, my worry wart, is always over concerned about Luke. "Hey mom, make sure you watch on Luke today", "Hey mom, you need to watch Luke really good ok?" are generally the phrases I hear at least twice, if not more, a day. Caleb is so overly protective of Luke. Maybe even more so than me some days. But it doesn't bother us. We are grateful he is concerned with Lukas' safety.
 Lukas is equally as sweet towards his brother. If we are in town he always picks two of whatever treat I am getting him and tells me "I'm gonna share with my Caleb."
I am so glad they have each other. 

I love my little men so much.
Even though boys seem to be WAY more messy than girls, and messes drive me bonkers, I wouldn't  trade the messes for anything.
These boys teach us so much.

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