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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rhino Rally 2011

This is one of my favorite Desert Races of the year! It is in a beautiful location, the perfect time of year, and put together really well. Although none of us were quite so prepared for the rain and sloshy mud puddles. 

Lukas woke up sick, but I had already missed Beau's first race and didn't want to miss another one! So we loaded up the kiddos and headed out. Beau's friend Mark raced with him. Our good friends Jake and Ana, came along for the adventure. And Beau's dad, Dean, and Uncle Don were able to come down and see him race as well! 
Here is the pit crew line  and then below that the starting line.

Getting ready for the race....
(Beau and his friend Mark)

And they are off.......
This guy flew off his bike right in front of us. You could hear him hit. It was bad!
He had to be taken off in the ambulance.

This chopper would fly back and forth to get all the starting lineups.

Beau had to take his googles off his second loop which slowed him down. 
He couldn't see anything with the amount of mud that kept flinging up to his goggles!
Seriously we have the greatest friends in the world!
They always support Beau in his races.....even with the rain and mud, they still came!
Here is what we got to drive out took FOREVER!

Beau's Uncle took us to dinner afterwards.
 It was nice to visit with him and Beau's dad!
Beau with his Uncle
 I was so worried after seeing That guy fly off his bike. I am glad that even though Beau's eyeballs hurt for a week, he was OK, and had fun! And even though it wasn't his "best" race, as he would say, he still managed to take 5th in his class!


The Gray Gang said...

Cody said it's time to invest in some tareaways...

kari said...

Wow that looks like quite a ride! Godd job Beau! Great pictures Bonnie, that dust did look painful. How long does it take for a race like that??

Bunnell's said...

Bon...looks like fun! Nice to have Dean-O to convince Him to visit us....hummmmm:) I can't beleive how much Wes looks like U.Don! Can't wait to see your pretty face! not much longer chica!!!