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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I feel overwhelmed when I think about my children. 
Not overwhelmed, like I can't handle them, but overwhelmed that they are mine. That the Lord has entrusted me with me. I love that, although they are getting older, each one still enjoys to cuddle. They let me still hug and kiss them! 
(o.k. maybe tolerate me )

I enjoy their laughter, their tears, their unique personalities, and the way they do things.  I also enjoy going in their rooms every night, while they are sleeping, to stroke my hand through their hair and whisper in their ears how much I love them!
Even though they are sleeping and maybe can't hear me, I do it anyways.
I love watching them each sleep for a few minutes. 
In those quiet, still moments I am completely overwhelmed with God's love for me and them!
He has to love me so much to entrust me with these four beautiful children!
I love that they are all mine! 
That I get to be their mother!
I feel overwhelmingly blessed!


Katie Lee said...

love this post. Super cute pics of your sleeping little ones. Love them, and love you!

Jenna said...

How could you not marvel at 4 such beautiful children! They are perfect. I feel the same way when I look at mine. Of course, sometimes I'm overwhelmed in the other sense too!! :D

Darla said...

So sweet! Your kids are all beauties. I love to watch my kiddos sleep to. They are so peaceful and sweet. I also love it when they smile in their sleep. They are the best!

Jerry said...

sweet kids. Special Spirits and awesome grandkids. i love them all!


Oh so precious. they are such wonderful blessings to have. I love the new family pictures. So cute!

The Munfords said...

Bonnie this is so beautiful! You have such a beautiful family and I hope I can be as great a mother to my kids as you are to yours. Enjoy all your quiet moments with those little angels!

The Meyers said...

I love the sleeping pictures!!