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Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentines Weekend

What a LOVELY time of year! 
I love everything and anything about valentines day. 
There is nothing wrong with showing affection or saying "I love you" to the ones you love.
We all know I am straight from a Hallmark movie..sooooo the more sappy the better right!?
Our V-day weekend was super great too! Sunday, before V-day, we went for a picnic up to Kolob Canyon as a family.

It was beautiful day. The weather was perfectly sunny.
We enjoyed sight seeing, reflecting, exploring, picnicking, and best of all being together!

We watched these birds forever. They didn't seem to mind us getting close either.
Here are some of the beautiful sites to see.
I think by the end of our adventure we all wanted to do this face (below).
Lukas was soooo tired!

 It was nice to have the time with the kids to show them how much we love them and LOVE spending time together as a family!
We had a romantic Valentines Day with a candlelit dinner, games, and laughter.

(here is the Hallmark movie me coming out stop now if you can't stand the mushy gushy!)

I am so in love with this person I am married to.

I have sleep insomnia pretty bad. It seems like the times I finally am able to dose off I am just as quickly awoken to my husbands snoring. (sorry babe-I am totally ratting you out) It is irritating ,to say the least.

At the beginning of the month I crawled into bed, waiting for what seems like forever, until sleep would find me. Expecting that at any second I would  be irritated further by the sound of  my husbands slumber. But something else happened instead. He started to snore, and as weird as it may sound, I was overcome with emotion and gratitude. I started thinking about all the women I know who have lost a spouse to death or divorce. To those women whose husbands are serving our nation over seas and spending their nights alone. Quickly I welcomed the snoring.
I quickly put my arm around him and easily dosed off with the comfort of knowing he was right by my side!

I love ya babe----snoring---and all!
I would rather have sleepless nights filled with your annoying grumbling snores, than any nights (and days too:)) without you by my side!


The Cutlers said...

I love that picture of Lukas! He is soooo freaking cute! I want to pinch his cheeks and eat him! I love ya!

gina said...

Great love post! It's so easy to get mad at our sweethearts for the dumb things they do. (snore, forget to take out the garbage, leave their socks everywhere, and of course unable to read our minds!) It's SO important to remember the awesome things they do and be thankful they're around . Thanks for the reminder Bonnie!

kari said...

Wow what a beautiful place, and a great way to spend the day!

Bunnell's said...

Bon..I Love your thoughts...I catch myself thinking that about my little ones:) It is nice to have a refresher/reminder about appreciation. I want to go squeeze my sweet little family a little bit more:) It must be a Bunnell issue Wes snores too...I pinch His nose together and giggle! Does not work but I get a little laugh...:) Can't wait to see you and your sweet family...Count down begins!!!

Katie Lee said...

So jel bon! I was working from 10AM to 10PM on V-day, so I didn't even get to see my sweet little family. There's always next year right? I miss you and love you!

Katie Lee said...

Oh Bon! You need to invite dad to view your blog. His e-mail is Soon! Thanks!!! :)