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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunny St. George

One of the best things about living in Cedar is how close we are to warmer weather.
Cedar is way warmer than where both Beau and I grew up, but heading down a little further south to St. George is great! 
It is always another 10-20 degrees warmer! 

We had a blast on our "Family Date" weekend!
The kids are always asking why we go out every Friday and why they don't get to come along. So Beau and I thought it would be fun to have a long weekend of "Family Date Night."

We kicked off our Friday with Panda Express and Nanny Mcphee Returns, which we loved. And then let the kiddos campout in the family room.
Saturday we headed to St. George and spent a good portion of our day picnicking and playing in the park!
It was heavenly!
Not ONE fight.

And one thing I especially love about my kiddos is their willingness to include Lukas and help him.
It gives Beau and I so much time to relax, talk, and enjoy watching them.
They are all so independent - even Lukas wanted to go down the big slide with no help, over and over and over! HA!

 ...and over....
 ...and over again....
  And I got to enjoy this beautiful niece of mine for four days!!


Becca said...

I am jealous of your warm weather. We woke up to four new inches of snow this morning. Your kids are all so cute--I love the pictures of Caleb playing with Lukas.

But Boogs, what is that pink thing on Beth's head?

Jess said...

You guys are such good parents. What a fun weekend for everybody! Looks like you had the park to yourself.... that's the best!

Katie Lee said...

Love this! Wish I had time for any date nights! Miss your face. Your kids are getting so big I can't even believe it, especially little Lucas! Love you!

Christina said...

How fun! I love the 'no fights' moments when they miraculously happen (at least with family). I also love St. George. I went there once and swore I'd spend the rest of my life there. It's so beautiful and warm. I'm jealous you live so close!

And cute pics of your niece. She's very very beautiful!

{Lindsey} said...

You went to one of our many favorite parks! So glad you had such a great time in the warmer weather!!
Next time your this way, we would love to meet you and play :)

Darla said...

That looked like a great day. I wish it was that warm here. :-)

gina said...

i love your family date idea! cute!