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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Idaho Vacation {Part 1}

Oh glorious Idaho! We love and miss you!
We jammed packed the 17 day vacation with all sorts of memories !
First stop...Ogden
The timing was perfect! My sister had just had her sweet little babe, Beth. So we got to see her in the hospital! And she precious!

Next Stop, my sister Becca and her fams house!
Three days, two nights, in heavenly bliss! 
The FOOD, oh, I can't get started!
Bec is an AMAZING CHEF, to put it lightly. She cooked us savory meals, for EVERY meal! LOVED IT! She has this Ginormous backyard with lots of chickens, rabbits, couple cats, and a dog! So you can imagine we spent a lot of time out back playing!

Lukas loved the water!

The kids loved playing with the chickens and rabbits.
 TEHE! Here is Uncle Allen getting them out!

The trampoline made for endless fun!

Kennedy stayed on this swing forever talking to herself!

Becca showing off her SAWEEEET SKILLS!

This picture is my fav! Caleb loved this bow n' arrow!

And every night we walked and got to see this view......

Man...wish I was back there again, walking and talking! I miss that!

Next up...Bear Lake!


Momma Button said...

You always have so much fun with your family.....and your pictures are amazing. Looking forward to the next post.

Becca said...

WRETCH! I know you had a worse picture of me, so I guess it's okay that you put that one up. I love the bow and arrow picture, too--perfect stance, Caleb.