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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Idaho Trip Part 2

Every year in August we go to Idaho
Part of the reason we go is the WHITE CLOUDS.
For years my dad has been going on 50 milers/ campouts up to the White Clouds. He use to take my brothers, the scouts, and friends. Then as my sisters and I all starting getting married it turned in to more of a Dad and Son-in-laws campout. So Beau every year LIVES for the White Clouds and takes the two oldest kids. 
Can I just say heavenly!
Seriously it feels as easy as pie to only have to look after two kids for an entire week. And as you can imagine my sisters and I have a blast together to while the boys are away with the older kids.

I was so proud of Beau for actually taking more than 5 pictures this year. And he managed to pull out his saweeeet photog skills. (If the head isn't chopped is a sweet skill! HA!)

Obviously I think Caleb is the most handsome kid ever, but these pictures scare me! He got bit by something. Yikes!
The above picture literally made me tear up! I am thinking I might be going with them next year!

And here is the end result of a wonderful trip with dad....

 I asked both the kids what their favorite parts of the White Clouds were and they both said fishing...hands down!
I love that it is something that is talked about ALL year long at our house. The kids love this special time they have with their dad. And Beau LOVES being able to have a job that he can plan to take them!
I might just go with them next year....hmmmmm....


Becca said...

My favorite picture is the one of Crater Lake, too--it's so beautiful! Beau really did take a lot of pictures--I love Chandler with her legs crossed so daintily.

The Coonsters said...

Great fun!!

Rivka said...

Great pictures, Beau!

The picture of Chandler eating the apple with the smoke from the fire coming up. . . I could smell that picture! I've been homesick for Idaho for seven years but now that I know we'll be going back it's torturous!

Hans, Shell, Gabe, Hiett and Sunny Sunflower said...

Those pictures made me wish I had gone there again instead of AZ. I had so much fun last year. I think those flowers on RR ridge are all Lupines (purple) and Senecio. Each easily poached and transplanted at home, just keep them cool. But you didn't hear that from me.