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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Idaho Trip Part 3 {Yellowstone}

After the boys took the kiddos to the White Clouds for a week while I worked and played, we got to take the whole family to YELLOWSTONE! 
Oh I {heart} Yellowstone!
You know I am a nature lover so it isn't a shocker that this is my idea of fun!. 
The kids had never been. Well, not that they remember, and boy did they enjoy it!
I just wish we would have had more time!

We went with my sister Hanna and  her family. We entered the park on the North Eastern side(?) and exited through Jackson Hole!

Warning: Picture Overload!
We ended our day in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming and enjoyed some delish pizza!
I think this is something we are going to do every time we go to Idaho!
It was a perfect day with family!


Jess and Dusty said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Where's the one with the Lily pads? what part of Yellowstone is that?

Ana said...

Wow! That makes me really want to go now! Its beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I agree your pictures are amazing. Yellowstone is such a great place for photos.

Melissa said...

I love all of your pictures from your trip to Idaho, you are so talented! I really wish I could have seen you, but hopefully someday soon we will get together. Love ya.