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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April in a Nutshell

I keep getting the itching for blogging, but can't seem to find time to do it! So until I can figure that out it may have to be monthly updates.
April was an incredibly busy month for us! It seems like it was over and done in a blink!

We started the month off by celebrating Caleb's 7th birthday!
It is hard to believe how quickly his life has gone.
He is such a good boy! And sooo talented in many ways!

7 things we love about Caleb
1. He is super smart and loves school.
2. He protects his sisters and brother.
3. He is a mini Beau
4. He is so good at Karate
5. He loves to dirt bike ride and build jumps!
6. He is so sweet.
7. He loves to learn new things!

 You can click here to see pictures from his birthday shoot.

Caleb's birthday was also the same as Easter weekend!
We had plans to do some egg hunts but it snowed here! BLAH!
So we went to the movies and colored eggs as a family!

 Super fun!
We love Easter!
It was also conference weekend and we felt so blessed to listen to our Prophet.
I felt renewed in many ways!

We also celebrated Lukas' first birthday!
I can't believe it has already been a year!
Four kids make time fly.

Lukas is such a mild mannered lil' boy. He is always smiling and happy. He is a complete daddy's boy. He started to walk on his 1st birthday and is slowly getting the hang of it! His nicknames are Buster, friendly, and friendship
I love when the kids call him ""lil' friendship"

Man, he loved the cake!!

To see pictures from Lukas' photo shoot click here!

Life in our household has been busy and crazy. I am hoping it will slow down a bit. My poor house is always in shambles these days. But we have each other so life is beautiful! I couldn't imagine carrying the burdens of life all by myself. I am thankful for a husband who shoulders the responsibilities and is always giving me support!

Here are a few more random shots from last month.

Poor flea bag...
Luke loves the cat and mauls her!

Savanah and Kennedy are always quick to rescue her.

Now hopefully we can sit back and relax a bit this month!
Life is good!


The Cutlers said...

I love the pictures. Lucas is so adorable and I loved the pics of him eating his cake. That was priceless! I love ya!

Steve, Dayna and Kids said...

How crazy that he is already one! And about Easter we still did the egg hunt lol come on Bon you're a trooper!!! Wish I was better at taking pictures and updating my blog *big sigh* oh well

Jill said...

April wasn't even a hiccup! It went by so fast! Love the picture of Lukas and his cake. Maybe he and Molly share the same "kitty mauling" genes. :)

Jess and Dusty said...

What a great post! Your little Lukas is tooo cute! I could just eat him up! Hope your little ones get feeling better!

kari said...

Love this post! That lil guy eating his cake was flippin' adorable! Though I see the hard work u put forth from way over here in WA, I also see how truly blessed each one of you are! You have an awesome life!

Ron and Connie said...

Glad that you found a minute to post! You are the busiest person I know. I love the picture of Caleb and Lukas playing video games, sort of reminds me of my house..........Love ya girl!

The Minert Family said...

Cute pics, the kids are so cute and getting so big!

Kristin said...

love the picture of caleb in the tunnel! you are so talented. your kiddos are adorable bon:) i can't believe how big they are!