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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

March Part 2

We also had THIS lovely family come visit us .
This is Beau's brother, born 11months apart, CRAZY!
His beautiful wife and their children. 

We enjoyed a DAY at ZIONS. They had never been and it is always fun to take people who haven't been!

Warning....MAJOR pic overload! SORRY!

We played, laughed hard, and had so much fun! 
NIkki helped me tile my backsplash and mold in my cabinet door fronts.
I am so grateful she shared her talent with me!
Thanks for coming guys!

Not to long after, THIS beautiful sister o' mine came for a visit!
She came with her hubster and two of her 5 beautiful children.

 We did a little thrift store shopping. She left her purchases at my house by accident and I may just have to use them!:)
She also came and helped me do all the Cedar City Soccer pix. Over 500 children, 57 teams, and one long day we were exhausted. But still had a blast! 
Thanks for all your help ALI!

My kids have had so much fun all month long playing with their cousins, visiting their Aunts and Uncles, and getting to know them better! Beau and I have had so much fun with all of our visitors and all of the fun family things we were able to do!

March was a busy but incredibly fun month!


Christina said...

I love ALL the pics. There's never too many picutres;) Looks like a blast. I really have to go to Zions NP someday. It looks so beautiful. I can't believe how much hosting you do. How fun, but A LOT of work. You are looking FABULOUS too, Bonnie. Skinny Minny!

Jess and Dusty said...

You always have so much company you crazy girl! Makes me feel exhausted for you! But I am glad you are having so much fun!

chrisnbri said...

Looks like too much fun!The pics are great!

Katie Lee said...

I'm so jealous... I wish cam and I could come visit... seems like I haven't seen you forever!!! I love all your pics, gorg... and I also love all the photog you've done lately. you really are so talented!

Bunnell's said...

Bonnie lou!!! I so miss you..oh how I do:) We had such a wonderful time like we always do...your a blast (okay beau you are sorta too;)!!! I wish we lived closer...we could get into some serious trouble!!! Love ya guys....!

~The other Bunnells:)

Kristin said...

i love the pics! how fun for you to have all that company! your fam is way too cute!

The Cutlers said...

I love the pictures and YES you are a skinny minny! I am J.E.A.L.O.U.S.... but then again I always am in awe of everything you do! seriously. I miss you!

Becca said...

Love the first picture of Savanah, and both pictures of you and Nikki--she's so fun and you both look so pretty. We've got to go to Bryce Canyon next time we come--you'll take more pictures than ever.

Jenna said...

I'm really going to need to go to Zion's some day - It so BEAUTIFUL!! I keep forgetting that you've gone private! I've missed a few posts, but I'm going to read them now - I love your posts!!