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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Busy.... March Part 1

First I will apologize for the LONG post. For all my random thoughts and feelings. But part of why I went private was so that I could expose the tender side of myself more openly and freely. Without worrying about judgment!

Life has been wonderfully crazy busy!
The month of March has flown by and hopefully taken all of the crazy madness with it!

First up..


We have had more of a winter in March than any other time this year! blah
And that has put projects on major hold. My patio looks atrocious! 


We had this gorgeous couple here!

 We had so much fun! It was exactly the dose of "Medicine" I have been needing.
LAUGHTER is the best medicine.
And we did just that!
We went to Zions. It was breathtaking as it always is!
We went to a couples dinner and game night! hilarious
We had a couple game night! Equally hilarious
And stayed up way to late, laughing, watching movies, and talking.

Here are some photos from Zions...

I had such random beautiful thoughts walking around.

I kept thinking How in the world can anyone doubt their is a  GREATER BEING, a GOD,
when they see a beautiful waterfall...

especially when the sun beams off of the water...

Or who could doubt that God loves us when you see a  beautiful rainbow...

Or when you are hiking up a mountain and see these breathtaking views...
how could anyone think there wasn't a GREATER HAND involved?

And how could the warmth of the sun and all it does NOT have been planned to function and operate the way it does?

Or how could a little inset have so many functioning parts and be so fascinating by chance?

Then when we reached the top of our last hike....and I saw THIS... was one of those moments where you literally have to physically hold back sobs.
Partly cause I didn't want everyone we were with to see what a freak I am! tehe
And partly in embarrassment...I held back the tears. But my eyes DID tear up.

All I could think was how majestic and beautiful GOD's Creations are.
How Huge and Overpowering some of His creations are too!

And then I thought, as quickly as I was in awe,...that of all God's beautiful creations, we, his sons and daughters, are his greatest

Even though we look so small in comparison to these huge beautiful mountains...

(Can you see the people on top of Angels Landing? )

We are his most PRECIOUS creation!!

It was a deeply moving experience for me!
Call me CRAZY, but their is something spiritual about ZIONS.
Something that always gets me thinking and reflecting!
I can't get enough!

Sorry so random...but I want to remember exactly how I felt and what I was thinking!!

Anyways....a few days after Hanna and Chris left we went and stayed with our good friends Shelly and Hans. It was so good to see them, although made me sad and miss them!

Then we woke up bright and early and went to Beau's race!
He had two goods friends riding with him too!

And he took sixth place and got a trophy!! Wahoo!

 We love being able to support him!
The kids always have such a great time too!

When we got home we had a few hours before our next set of company arrived...

but that will have be wait until my next post!

Hope your March was FANTASTIC and AWESOME!


The Meyers said...

Great Zions pictures. That red ant was creepy!

Ralph and Annette Perez said...

What a touching post Bonnie! You are a great one! You Coon girls are amongst the great ones!

anna said...

I just saw on PBS a segment on Zion's and your pictures are just like the ones they had on the show. FABULOUS!! Those bugs that you found are called "children of the earth". We found one up where we go dutch ovening. At least that is what the internet said. Hope all is well and kiss those cuties for us!!

The Cutlers said...

I love all the pictures! I Am so glad you've had a good time with your family there. I love ya!

~Our Hooah Lives~ said...

I know I just LOVE Zion's

Hanna in the House... said...

I can't wait to post mine! I was just uploading, and we have a lot of the same pics! We miss you guys too much. I'm so glad Beau kicked trash in the race, and I can't wait to visit again! I think you should come as soon as school gets out! PLEASE!

kari said...

Awesome, uplifting post! I felt the Spirit as I read your words and looked at such incredible beauty! I think your an amazing women!!

Christina said...

That didn't feel long at all. I was hoping for more:) Amazing pictures, Bonnie! Zion's is now on my list of places to visit next time we vacation...wait, when we vacation, if we vacation. We don't vacation. But still, it's GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don't think it's weird at all to get emotional. I think the Spirit takes moments like that to testify to us that God is real. We don't have to be in church.

Hans, Shell, Gabe, Hiett and Sunny Sunflower said...

Nice post Bon- I love the pictures of Zions- it made me homesick- and also made mae feel great awe to realize that he does call us his greatest creations- thanks for that. We had a blast with you guys some much needed laughter- I ahd forgotten what it is like to laugh like that- thanks for coming!

Bunnell's said...

Love the pictures...You have so much talent!!! In the words of Bon "Jeal...":)

Katie Lee said...

Love it bonnie... gorgeous photos! You really have an awesome gift!!!

Mandy said...

Beautiful post Bon. I LOVED hearing your thoughts. Hiking and camping is when I am most thankful as well and I feel closer to God.

Glad you enjoyed March and I'm sure you have plenty to look forward to in April as well.

You are inspiring!!!

Kristen said...

Wow- truly amazing! The park & your thoughts! I have never been there, but you make me want to go. What an adventure!

Thanks for the INVITE!

chrisnbri said...

Amazingly beautiful pictures Bonnie The ant was cool!