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Monday, May 17, 2010

Couple Retreat

 YES  it sounds shameful admitting this but Beau and I had never left our children overnight for the nearly ten years we have been married. So at the beginning of the month we were lucky enough to get the opportunity. My mom was coming for a little over a week and we thought, what better time to take some time for ourselves then now. So off to Las Vegas we went!
It took a lot on my part to be able to do this! I have such anxiety over leaving my children. But I knew with my mom they would be in good hands and I could relax! 

And it was such a heavenly vacation!
We stayed here at the beautiful LUXOR!
I got a steal of a deal on some nice rooms from

We weren't sure what to do with ourselves at first! It felt so strange not to have to look after 4 little ones. But somehow we managed! HA!

We got to go to the BODIES EXHIBITION
It was fascinating, intriguing, and disturbing in some ways.
It was very interesting to see how intricate our bodies are. It definitely made me think how could anyone think we just evolved this way! UHHHH NO! Obviously a higher power was involved!
A good ONE time thing to see!

Then we went to the TITANIC EXHIBIT!
This was probably both of our favorite thing we did. 
It was amazing to see actual things found. Hear actual stories and absorb some of the history!

We also did a lot of site seeing.

And shopping at some Pawn shops too.

We got to this Pawn shop and couldn't figure out why everyone had there cameras out. I thought , oh well this must be a really cool Pawn shop, then we realized we were at the pawn shop that is also known as PAWN STARS on television.

We also got to visit the SHARK REEF while we were there. 

It was fun, but both Beau and I talked about the kids the entire time and how much they would loved it!

We also ran into lots of Celebs!

O.K. O.K., at the celebrity wax museum!
Super fun!

We had such a good time together. Just enjoying each other and enjoying all the yummy food and sites.

Although we both missed our children, it was much needed and long overdue! We always do date nights and have time to ourselves each week. But a long weekend away is definitely nice for a change!

Thanks Mom! I couldn't have left them with anybody but you. We appreciate and love you so much!

And...just for fun.....a look back....oh to be that naive and young again!! HA!

Still so in love with this man! EVEN more so! I am one lucky girl!


kari said...

That was awesome! Looks like you two had a blast! You need to make that a yearly thing important!! Love the last one on your wedding day, I will have to send you some pictures another member gave me a while back of beau at Christmas time.

Sabrina said...

That looks like fun! Congrats on 10 years!

Christina said...

Oh, how fun!!! That's awesome you got to get away with just Beau. You two crack me up & you're so cute! Love the wax photos.

We stayed at the Luxor for our anniversary. It was way fun. Congrats on your getaway.

Becca said...

Bonnie, I loved all the pictures in this post, my my two faves are the ones of you giving Anmgelina a dirty look and YOUR WEDDING PICTURE! oh my, you do look so young and naive, Boogs.

It's about time you got some time to yourself! Looks like you had a blast and I am so happy for you!

Ron and Connie said...

Looks like fun! I'm so glad that you got to spend this time together.

~Our Hooah Lives~ said...

AWWW I remember being there for your young! I'm glad you guys had so much fun in Vegas! I would love to take a mini vacation there. Maybe after Matt's next deployment.

Jess and Dusty said...

I lurve your wedding day picture. So glad you posted it. Both of you angel faced. It's so great you two could get away!

The Minert Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun, Happy 10th!

Kris said...

It looks like you two had so much fun! LOVE the pics from the wax museum, hilarious! Oh and the wedding pic is the best, LOVE IT!

The Meyers said...

Love it! I love the wax museum pictures, so funny! So glad you were able to do a get away.

Mandy said...

HOW FUN!!! So glad you got the chance for a lovers weekend with you hubby. I'm sure the kiddos had a blast with grandma too.

Funny pics with the Celebs. Angelina's got nothing on you babe. LOL!

Jenna said...

so stinking fun!! And it would seem to be about time!! We never leave our kids either, but I would for that kickin' good time! :)

Steve, Dayna and Kids said...

Bon that is awesome for you and Beau! I do have to say that Angelina looked REALLY waxie so it kinda gave away the secret but I LOVED the shots of you and Brad and Beau and Angelina I was cracking up! You both look SOOO young in your wedding pic!! And okay I'm so lost about the whole Celeb pawn shop thing but was LMBO about you going to a pawn shop when you were on a get away!!! My 10 year was last year and Steve worked all day and was tired and forgot about it so hopefully #11 will be better maybe we will get to do something fun like you did!!! Please don't forget to tell me about the pawn shop thing lol

Katie Lee said...

I agree with Bec, the picture of you glaring at angelina is hilarious. And you look like a little kid in your wedding photo!!! Glad you guys had fun! We miss you, hope to see you soon!

Young Family said...

You two are so cute! I think I am going to have to do that some day, the Vegas thing!

Kristin said...

saweet!!!! good for you guys to go and have some fun. i can't even tell you how JELL Josh and I are that you went to Gold and Silver Pawn! Pawn Stars is our FAV show!!!

Forever Young said...

I Lurve the picture of you and Angelina thats soo funny! COngrats on your ten year, its soo important to get out with the hubby we need to do something like that soon!