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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Warner Valley Riding

Today we had the chance to go down as a family to St. George.
Beau and Caleb planned to do a little riding.
And the girls, Luke and I did a little shopping.

The weather was perfect. 60 degrees and sunny.
We had a perfect day!

I love that Beau is a total "hands on" dad. He isn't opposed to taking Caleb riding.

 In fact, he always says how much he LOVES taking him with him.
I love that they share this love of riding.

I looked at these pictures and could picture Luke, when he is older, right there with them!

I love my boys in all their gear!


Jamie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the colors. Plus jealous of the warm weather!

Becca said...

Boogs-the first picture is my favorite--they really look so good. And we have a foot of snow . . .