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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thanksgiving was so Fabulous!
It was one of my most memorable since being here.
 I love everything about Thanksgiving.
The food. Family. Reflection. Blessings.
Everything that makes Thanksgiving what it is,  I absolutely love.
It was so nice to have family here to spend it with us!

Definitely thankful for these lil' Rugrats. My own, and all my adorable neices and nephews!

Also for these lovely ladies!
Two of my wonderful sisters!

For Family!
I love my family so much!
It was good to be with some of them over the holidays!

ummmm...did I mention food?
So so thankful for food!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Love, Family, and good food!


Monica said...

Hmm the food looked delicious!! Spending time with family is my idea of a perfect thanksgiving I am so glad two of your sisters & their family was able to spend it with you

Becca said...

I'm lookin' good.

Oh Boogs, I hate going private! Now I won't see when you've updated and I'll never check. Wretch-diddly-etch.

Thanks again for a fabulous Thanksgiving! It was such good food and even better company! We had a great time and wish you lived closer!

Jill said...

What beautiful table settings, food, and family! Makes me want more turkey. :)

I understand going private. I am private as well. You just have to remember to go check up on your loved ones blogs. I'll be checking back on yours for sure.

Cindy said...

Please include me in your private list! I know I'm terrible at commenting, but I read your blog regularly! You are such a good example to me! I really appreciate you! My email is

Have a great Christmas!!

Terry Family said...

I love to follow what is happening with your adorable family please include me

Christina said...

I think that is way super cool that your family will travel to be with you on the holidays!! Seriously, you are so lucky!

And I love the table setting. I LOOOVE a fancy dinner set-up. I'm actually doing one next Fri. and I can't wait.

And you know I MUST be invited to your private blog. Don't forget me.

Anonymous said...

looks amazing! love thanksgiving dinners!

Liz said...

Your table decorations are so beautiful!

On a side note, I'd love to be included in your blog list!

Pugh Family said...

I still want to view your blog?? E.mail address:;