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Monday, December 14, 2009

SLC , Random Pix, and Christmas Tree

We had such a nice mini vacation a couple weeks ago!
We were able to go to Layton and be with all of my family and lots of extended family as well for a Christmas party.
The vacation was much needed !

The kids did a small skit for the party....

The fam w/ Great Grandma and Grandpa Anderson! So good to see them and everybody else! It had been way to long!

Lukas after the party. So tired!
Love these chubby cheeks!

Savanah w/ Luke. She loves to take care of him....

and get him to sleep.....
can you tell she was taking care of him here.
Love the pink!

Lukas reminds Beau and I of Caleb. Caleb use to put things in his mouth and just carry it there.
So does Luke!

Kennedy likes to get a basket and sit and watch movies in it!

And of course my stinker Caleb is going through a phase where he hides when I get the camera out. So hopefully I can get one of him soon!

We have been keeping busy getting ready for the Christmas Holiday!
We decorated the tree! CLICK HERE to see!
We had GPSed it a few weeks earlier. And then went with some friends up to get it!
I love holiday traditions!
I love this time of year!
Hope you are all enjoying it as well!


The Cutlers said...

I am so glad you had fun. I love Lukas' dark hair! He is so cute!

Jess and Dusty said...

Love Kennedy in the basket. Kids do great things huh? It's so wonderful that Savanah takes such good care of Lukas. I bet that is such a relief sometimes.

Darla said...

I love the chubby cheeks pic. Your kids are so sweet. Calista likes to watch shows in a laundry basket as well. She hasn't put a pillow in it yet. That is a good idea.

Jason said...

I would like to still be able to see your blog. You are so crafty and I love seeing your creations!!!! You're amazing!
Amy Robinson

Devyn said...

It was good to see you! I wish it would have been a vacation weekend for us! No fair :(
Your kids are sooo fun and cute!

anna said...

Man Lukas is getting so big...what a handsome guy. And Kenny's eyes. What a beautiful girl.

Christina said...

I love all the fun pictures of the kids. The cute things they do... Looks like Lukus' personality is coming through. What a cute little chubs:) They are all so cute.

Becca said...

WRETCH! Why did you put that ugly picture of me on here? Payback, boogs . . .

Kennedy looks FREAKY in that laundry basket, I might add.

I wanna pinch Luke's cheeks!