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Monday, June 15, 2009


(Warning..long post)

I was so lucky to go with Beau up North for a vacation. He had some classes to take for work and I grabbed the kiddos and tagged along.

~Here is what we did~

Day 1~
Arrived late at hotel. Met up with my Mom. Slept!

Day 2~
While Beau was at work. My sister Alison and her three kids came to swim at the hotel with my mom and I.

It was so good to see my sister and my cute nieces and nephew. It had been awhile.

Then, we headed out to lunch to meet up with some family. I hadn't seen my grandparents, some of my cousins, and aunts in awhile. So it was really nice!

We shopped a little then unfortunately had to say goodbye to my mom. So the rest of the night I just hung out at the hotel and Beau took the kids swimming some more.

Since I had to check out of the motel, the kids and I went shopping, hung out in the van, and waited until Beau got out of his class.

After we picked him up, we headed over to my cousin Shane and his wife Sara's house. They were so nice to let us stay with them and were perfect hosts!! Shane's parents and sister came over for dinner.
Yummy french dip sandwiches.

Thanks Sara and Shane!

Day 4~

We got up early and headed to Hoogle Zoo. Sara and her cute kiddos came with us too. Caleb kept calling Zach "little dude" and "little buddy" it was so cute! And Ella and Savanah loved playing with each other!

After the zoo Beau and I took the kids to Temple Square. We always love going there. We went through the visitor centers, the Joseph Smith house, and just lounged around on the temple grounds.
The gardens are so beautiful.
And of course, ya know me, thousands of pictures were taken!

To view more photog pictures of the temple click here!

Then we headed to my Aunt Bonnie's to stay the night. (Darn I forgot to take my camera in)


We headed back towards home, but on the way stopped at Cove Fort to see the sites. I hadn't been there since I was seventeen.

I think sometimes in life we get so caught up with the "convenience" of everything. The Sister told us how Ira Hinckley's wife and others used every inch of everything they could. They would make mattresses out of a certain kind of fabric. When the mattress would thin out they would cut the mattress up and make pants for the men out of the fabric. When the pants wore out, they would use the same fabric and use it for patching or for quilting. When that wore out they would throw the fabric in the fire and use the Lye in the ashes to make soap!
WOW! Talk about wake up call!
It made me grateful for what we have but also feel guilty for how I am guilty of wasting.
I am so glad we stopped and enjoyed some of the rich history of our church.

Day 6~
Although we were home, we still wanted to utilize the last day we had together as a family before Beau had to go back to work. So we headed up the moutain for a picnic. We went to Blow hard and Deer Haven.

(To view more nature shots of our drive go here)
Deer Haven is another one of my favorite places to go to. The trees are so thick, everything is so green, there are many different kinds of wild flowers, and it is true to it's name. We saw five deer (two of which were babies) and one buck. We also saw rock chuck's the size of beavers. The things were huge.

All the kids were so good for our whole trip.
Lukas traveled so well.
He really is such a good baby.

We are sad that our vacation went so quickly. But it is good to be home and back into a routine. We can't wait for more fun family adventures this summer!


Christina said...

Wow! What a fun trip! I love those moments when you can make such great memories with those you love most...your family. I love all your great photography shots too. And I really need a "Deer Haven" up here. Everytime you post pictures it just sucks me in. Wish I could go there myself.

The Reeder Raiders said...

It was good to see you on Wed. Now had I still had a job I would have missed out on the lunch. I am glad to have a break from working outside the home. I will have to go back as soon as we find a bigger place to live. For now I am happy that i got to see your family. The Pictures you post are great, but I find that seeing everyone in person is better. Love you and glad that you all made it home safety.

~Our Rockabilly Life~ said...

fun fun fun!! and btw I want EAT Lucas up!!!!
I wish we were on vacation but instead we are getting ready to move into out new house. I'll be postnig about that later this week or two. I loveee you.

The Cutlers said...

That sounds like so much fun! Except the hanging out in the van part. My kids would have probably killed each other:) YOu look SOOOOO GREAT! I am so glad you had a good time with your mom and family. There is nothing better than a good vacation after having a new baby... and boy is he ADORABLE!!!

Jill said...

What a fun trip! Oh, and I want a copy of that Salt Lake Temple picture! Seriously... I do.

I love all the things you guys did. That is how my parents did summer vacations with us growing up and they're the best kind.

That Lukas is sure growing fast.

Monica said...

I am glad you and your family were able to spend the time with beau. It was so nice seeing you and your kids they are adorable. I love savannahs new due! Lunch was fun I love seeing everyone and we just don’t do it enough. So next time you are up this way we should do it again love ya

Jamie said...

I love your pictures of the temple. They are gorgeous. Plus-You look great!


Sounds like you guys had a blast. YOur pictures are so amazing I love to look at them. Lucas is so cute his getting so big. You just had him.

The Coonsters said...

Glad you made it home O.K.. I'm also very happy I could be a small part of that experience. I only wish I could have seen Marty and Georgia, Sarah and Shane, and Hiedi(and of also their children.) Family is what it is all about.... Well, I love you guys can't wait to see you at the Coon Reunion. Love MOM, (Grandma!)

Kristin said...

How fun!! first of all you look HAWT for just having a baby!! I love the pics of the temple....and I may have to order one:) I'll let ya know. So glad you got to see your family.

Jenna said...

What a blast!! and all the pictures were so fun to look at - I'm glad you always take tons.

Dabell Family said...

Looks like so much fun!! I love the pictures you much talent!!

happystuff4 said...

it looks like you guys had so much fun and your baby is so darn cute i just want to pick him up and squeeze him

Anonymous said...

What a fun vacay! I love family trips and it definitely fills like time flies because you see so many people and pack in as much as you can in one day. That picture of you and Lukas is absolutely perfect! You look so pretty!

jenn said...

too bad i didn't know you were in town ): you should call me next time, i would have loved to meet up with you and your's been too long!

Madeline and Family said...

I like the long posts. It is nice to get it all in one. What a fun trip.