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Friday, June 26, 2009

BuSy, BuSy, BuSy

So many things going little time.........


Caleb finally lost, not ONE tooth, but TWO!! And to my utter horror he already had his adult teeth growing in. Yikes! Luckily, my friend Lisa, who works at a dentist office, told me not worry and that they will straighten out.

Beau has been busy with work, coaching Caleb's t-ball team, being a great dad, and celebrating his 33rd birthday!

I didn't get to write on here Happy Father's Day to him. But I hope he had a great one. He really is the WORLD'S BEST DAD!! He continually impresses me with his abilities to shut off work and just be home with his family. He is a dad who is loving, thoughtful, and one who HELPS out.
We love him so much and I am continually grateful the Lord let our paths cross and find each other. I cannot think of a better Father or husband!!

For his b-day we celebrated with my sister Hanna and her family and the Church family. We spent the day in the mountains. Then we came home and grilled on the bbq, ate cake and ice cream, and then went and played tennis!!


We have had Two sets of company. My friend Lisa and her husband Drew were able to stop and spend a night with us. I hadn't seen her for over a year almost. It was nice to visit! (forgot to shoot some pictures)
And my sister Hanna, and her family came on Sunday and stayed a few days too! She is the second sister who got to see Lukas in person! We went day camping, site seeing, motorcycle riding (or putting I should say) , out to eat, and to a movie. Hanna and Chris taught us how to play tennis and I must say it is a new obsession!!

(Some pictures from our site seeing trip)
Cedar Breaks

Han and her GORG ( My new favorite word is Gorg..short for Gorgeous. I love shortening words!) family!!

Anna and her GORG family!

And of course my own GORG family!

Chris on the titanic!!

Chandler and Savanah

Finley (Isn't she gobble worthy?)

Thank you so much for coming! I cried when you guys left! Someday maybe we can convince you guys to MOVE HERE!!!:)

I can't believe summer is half way over before school starts! We have lots more fun things to come. So hopefully we can keep up with posting about them!!


The Cutlers said...

That looks so fun with Hanna and the Church's. Someday I want to come so we can play and me not be pregnant or on too quick of a trip. You look so fantastic! We love you guys!

Genessa said...

Bonnie i can't believe that Caleb is old enough to be loosing teeth. That is so crazy!!Happy birthday Beau, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!

Jill said...

Too much fun! You went camping with a new baby!? You are too much for me Bon! But I love it. Congrats to Beau on being 33. I turned 32 this year and it was a little weird. Hard to be in your 30's instead of your 20's. Oh-well. Glad you're all doing so well.

Bunnell's said...

Bon...I love the superman suit:) hehehe!!! Your sister is so stinkin' cute! I miss you lady...I know I know I say it all the time, but we really really do:)

Love ya,


Becca said...

Ooh--these pictures do make me jealous. Hanna kept saying what a fun time she had. I'm so glad you guys could manage to enjoy each other without ME. Good job, guys :).

C.B. said...

Yay for birthdays and awesome husbands!

Madeline and Family said...

How fun! You have been busy.

Jenna said...

you are busy busy busy and when did Hannah have 3 kids!! yikes I feel old. :) Super cute pics.