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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's day gift ideas

Here are some cute ideas to do with your kiddos for Father's day!
(Perfect Gift Ideas for Dads, Uncles, Grandpa's & Bishops!)

(Plus you could make it tons cuter than this)

You'll need:
- chipboard (I got mine from a scrapbook store...they gave me whatever I needed for free)
- Big Hunk candy bar
- paint
- hole puncher
- yarn/string
- paper and sharpie marker

1. Cut the chipboard on a diagonal to make the tie longer. Cut to look like a tie.
2. Have child paint the chipboard however they'd like and let it dry completely.
3. I laminated the tie; however, you don't "need" to do this.
4. Punch two holes at the top for string or yarn.
5. Use the paper to write a saying like, "I'm someone's 'Big Hunk'". Or, "I'm my family's 'Big Hunk'"....or, "Grandpa is my 'Big Hunk'".
6. Place on tie with tape.

(courtesy of


Or last year I did this

(Could be modified to say different things depending on number of child/ren)

My sister-in-law is doing this

(Super cute)
Check out Martha Stewart's page for directions on how to make these cute cards

If you have any other ideas I would love to hear them. My kids love to make projects for dad year round!!


Kristin said...

i love the big hunk thing! i'm going to do it for sure:)

Farah said...

You always have such cool ideas!
I do lots of treat things. For his first fathers day I am doing a cake mix, dad takes the cake, bag of his favorite chocolate chips, all that and a bag of chips, and double stuff oreos so when he gets bigger they can do double the stuff. Next year I think we will do handprints on a t shirt.

The Gray Gang said...

Because I had plans of getting fathers day in the mail on Monday for Grandpas, and Julia came early, I didn't have a chance to go to the store! Instead, I ordered prints of the kiddies through walgreens, and I personalized some of them to say we love you and Happy Fathers Day Grandpa. I ordered them and just had them sent to our Dads. Kind of lame but for this year, it will do!

The Coonsters said...

Such cute ideas! I'm giving my dad the movie "Forever Strong" it is definitely a must see movie, for any guy!!

Jenny said...

Ha ha! I love the Big Hunk tie. SO CUTE!

Sutton Family said...

Thanks for the ideas. My friend does a brag board for birthdays and I think i am going to do it for fathers day. what it is is it in the kitchen on the cupboards is a bunch of reasons (typed or whatever) listing why that person is special. For instance a BD, Taylor BD she is 3 so I would list 3 reasons she is so special one for each year. Then put pic up of that person all over the cabinet and leave it up all week to remind them how special they are. Thought I would share.

Becca said...

These are my favorite kinds of posts. I wish you'd done it a little earlier so I could take pictures in time to order and pick up prints and have something for Allen to take to work . . . the side effects of living in a Wal-Mart-less town.

But I love those Martha Stewart shirt cards! We'll have to get busy while dad is at work!

Love ya!

happystuff4 said...

I love the big hunk idea you are so creative

Amber Lee said...

Thanks! I haven't come up with anything yet and need to do SOMETHING!

jen said...

Thanks for the fun ideas... if only I could be on top of it to make them :) Maybe for Christmas :)

The Cutlers said...

Very cute!!! I think those are all great ideas. I can't tell you enough how fun it was for us to be able to come and see you guys and to hold baby Lukas. I miss you so much and felt spoiled getting to spend time with you. I LOVE YA!


Those are cute ideas. Thanks!