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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bassinet, Funnies, One Word

When we moved here we had the biggest U-haul you could get. Plus our van was packed to the hilt. But we still had to get rid of TONS! A lot of that stuff was baby stuff. And oh have I regretted leaving behind the bassinet. It was an old fashion wooden one that all three of my children used. I don't know what I was thinking.

Needless to say, I have been looking high and dry for a wooden bassinet. I haven't found any I have liked, unless I wanted to pay a few hundred dollars, and we all know what a cheap skate I am !( Or as I like to call myself "The Thrift Goddess" haha!)

I have almost purchased a few online with Beau's prodding. He, on the other hand, has no problem spending money! HA! But I hate doing it, when I know eventually I will find something for fractions of the cost. So I've held out.

Trust me, I have been getting worried. I haven't found anything semi-like what I envisioned. I've even almost bought the cheapo Walmart plastic one.


Look what I found at the DI............o.k., well, Alison found it and I never would have noticed it if she hasn't pointed it out. It is perfect and it had only ever been glazed, not stained or painted. Which makes my refurbishing job easier. So here is the before picture.....

As soon as it is done, I will post pictures. Beau took over my project quickly. He took the legs off and is building new legs. He sanded it forever last night and today called and had me pick up some supplies.

I told him I was going to go ahead and stain it and he insisted that he wants to do this for me. So even though I love to refurbish, I thought it was a sweet gesture. (Plus, the fact that he freaks out if I am around stain, household cleaners, or gas. Does he not know I am still the Krylon Queen..heehee) I can't wait to see and show you the finished product!

On another note......Here are some FUNNIES that my kids have said lately!
There was music playing downstairs. Kennedy suited up in her most wretched dress up attire, walked downstairs and yelled "Leeeeeet's get this party started!"


Savanah: "Mom, I think I am one of the most Luckiest girls in the world"
Me: "Oh really, why?"
Savanah: "Not only does my name rhyme with a fruit....but guess what else it rhymes with?"
Me: "What?"
Savanah: " Savanah Hannah Montana"
Me: (giggling and smiling)
Savanah: "Isn't that awesome. It is so awesome!"


The other night Caleb kept teasing Kennedy. She would whine and then he would giggle. (Typical) He had wrestled her to the ground and was teasing her and she yelled " Caleb!! I am not your play toy!"


O.K. Now on to Resolutions

I have thought lots about my resolutions. I have yet to sit down and make a formal list. But I have stirred them around in my head a lot. I love the start of a New Year. The chance to start fresh and be better than last.
Several of my blogging friends have shared ONE WORD that sums up a lot of their goals. So I have been thinking a lot about what that one word would be.

So my word is...............


I want to be a more prepared person. I want to be prepared for when our new baby comes. I want to be prepared with food storage if anything happen. I want to prepare my testimony so that I can share it freely. My list of things I can be better prepared for could go on and on. But you get the idea.

So I am curious...what is the one word that you want to strive for this year!!

(Oh yeah and check out our new slide show on the side!)


Becca said...

My one word for my new year's resolutions is: "Chocolate."

Oh yeah. Feelin' fine in 2009 with chocolate all the tine!

Love the funny stories--especially Bandana Savanah Hanna Montana Banana Cabana. I really do love the picture of Beau sanding the bassinet--very sweet. And I'm telling Cori you got rid of the one she gave you. RUDE! :)

J. said...

You're lucky your kids will sleep in one of those. Mine wouldn't. However, it is BEAUTIFUL and how sweet of your husband to do that for you. I need you closer and you can be my bargain shopper. You're amazing... and Ali, too.

I love the funny things your kids do and say. Thanks for sharing.

And Becca, I am with you on the new year's resolution.... CHOCOLATE!

Terry Family said...

I can't wait to see the finished bassinet, it will be adorable I am sure of it. I love reading the cute things you children say. I need to start writing down the things ours say, so we can laugh about them for years to come. As far as my new year's resolution it would have to be "Priorities"

The Meyers said...

I'm so glad you found a bassinet. I'm sure it will be darling when you are done with it. Don't kids say the darndest things? You just have to love it. I'm glad you are writing it down.

Bunnell's said...

I am on the same page PREPARATIONS.... Wes is really getting into getting ready for whatever what may come!


The Cutlers said...

I am sooo glad you found a bassinet! I love it to and I know you will! The kids say the cutest things and it makes me miss them and you even more. I think I am going to agree with Becca's resolution. I swear her and I would get along fabulously. :)

Jenna said...

I love the bassinet! I can't wait to see the finished product. Good for you - hanging in there until the deal came through!

Kim Rose said...

I am so behind on reading your blog. I didn't know you were expecting! Congrats!
Great pictures. So happy that you had such a wonderful holiday season.

Jas, Kris and Kiddies said...

Bonnie you seriously find the BEST deals!! Love the bassinet & can't WAIT to see the after pics. After Han I got rid of a bunch of stuff & I am kicking myself now. But hey, if the "clutter" lays around long enough, it is bound to get chucked in this house.
My one word for new years resolution would be: "positive"
I guess it sums it up, I need to try to stay positive in every situation I am faced with. Chocolate sounds pretty good too! :)

Monica said...

I am sorry you got rid of your bassinet but I think the new (old) one will be wonderful.

The Shaws said...

I think Savanah should insist that everyone call her Savannah Hannah Montana from now on. HA!

Don't you just love what kids say?! It's what keeps me laughing every day.

Pugh Family said...

Oh see, you are very goal oriented! Good job!

Sabrina said...

Congrats on a great find! It is so cute. You and I are DI kindred spirits. :) I just don't know how we don't see each other there more often.

The Calder Crowd said...

I am excited to see the end result, I bet it will be fabulous! Miss you like crazy!

The Phillips Family said...

That bassinet will be beautiful when your done with it. There is nothing wrong to be thrifty, especially when you can make something great out of it.
Great New Year Resolutions also!

Devyn said...

I love love love the bassinet. It is adorable. And I wish my name ryhmed with Hanna Montana. Dang, I lucked out.
I'm going to have to work on putting my new year's resolutions into one word. I will get back to ya.

kari said...

Adorable. Savannah is right, she has an awesome name...very pretty. I loved your slide show, they are all so pretty. Ive been thinking and Im very excited about this new year. I never thought about putting it into one word but if I did the one that comes to mind is "better". In every way, I want to be a better Mom, wife, daughter, sister, more spiritual, more fit, etc etc.Yaa etc.

Our little "love"ll bug family said...

I love wood bassinets and am excited to see what you are going to do with it. I'm going to call you this week to chat, and yes you do have an incredibley sweet husband. At the party he was telling me about how sexy he thinks you are when you are pregnant. Lucky girl. I like your resolution too. Mine is to stay sane- is that not enough?

Nichole and Rob said...

Just wanted to say hi. So HI! Hope to see you soon.

Kristin said...

hey bon! my mom got the clock at the unique boutique.

Mandy said...

What a beautiful bassinet you found. I LOVE being thrify and especially can't wait to see you finishing project. :) I'll be blog stalking you until you post it!!
What a GREAT New Years resolution. Now you've got me thinking.....
Hope you have a magnificent Mondy.