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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog awards...drum roll please!!

Thank you Devyn for saying you LOVE my blog. I was thinking about some of my favorite blogs I love to read the other day and thought of doing this tag~ But you beat me to it!!

Here are the rules: I get to {heart} seven other blogs that I love reading. If your blog makes my list, you get to post your award, thank the person who gave it to you, and then choose seven other blogs that you feel deserve this awesome award. It was definitely hard to choose just seven, but those are the rules. And the awards go to...

1. Rebecca Renfroe
2. Rivka
3. Christina Hudman
4. Lisa Cutler
5. Jessica Hoopes
6. Christine
7. Kris (Lisa's sis-in law)

It really was hard to just pick seven!! But.... I love reading all your blogs.


Devyn said...

you are welcome!

Becca said...

Numba ONE! Sa-weet! Thanks, McBon-Bon! I heart your blog, too!

Christina said...

No Way! I missed this post! How sweet of you, Bonnie!! Gosh- you just made my day!! I LOVE your blog too! You definitely deserve that award!