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Saturday, December 27, 2008

5 Month Belly Bump

Everyone keeps asking to see my belly...drum roll here it is! I can't believe that I am a little over 5 months already! More than half way. I think the more kids you have the faster each pregnancy goes.

This time around has been rough. I was on Zofran for awhile. It seemed impossible to keep any food down for the first 4 months. I still have days. I will finally feel great and then out of no where I can't keep anything down again. Also, for those of you who know me, I am a CLEAN FREAK but my poor house would tell otherwise. It seems impossible to keep up with it!

Here are some fun facts so far, with this pregnancy~

Things I have craved
Cold Cereal
Lots of Water
Wingers Chicken Deluxe Sandwiches

Things this child does not like
Anything flavorful
Diet Coke (Sad for me)
Mexican (Double sad for me)

Favorite things of this pregnancy this far
*Hearing the kids talk about him and ask to buy things for him
*Feeling him move
* Eating whatever I want and not feeling guilty
*Thinking about cuddling and holding him!

If we had a girl she would have been named(for sure)

Presley Paige

I do enjoy being pregnant. Even though this has been, by far, the roughest sickness wise, I still have loved feeling closer to the spirit. Feeling a child growing and moving inside of me. And knowing that our family will feel just that much more complete when he comes!

We are so excited! I am sure as I get bigger and bigger I will post more pictures!


The Cutlers said...

You can barely tell you are prego but either way it is adorable! I can't wait to see you get bigger and bigger but most of all I can't wait to meet the little man!

Mandy said...

Bonnie you are SO beautiful. I can't believe you are 5 months!!! Your belly is SO small. LUCKYYYYYYYY!. Yellow looks so good on you.
I'm in love with your girls name. Presely adorable. So do you have any boy names picked out???

Lindsey said...

You are b.e.a.uuuutiful Bonnie!!! I love that you have to smoosh your shirt to your belly so that we can see your tiny bump! You so don't look 5 months pregnant!

Christina said...

Look at you, Hot Mamma!! You look fantastic! I'm glad you can see the blessings of pregnancy while struggling with the sickness so much. And I love the name you had picked for a girl. Maybe I'll have to steal it (J/K) Hondo's neice already has Presley. You seriously look awesome. BTW- I totally relate to Subway cravings. That's all I ate with my first.

J. said...

Okay there is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. You are beautiful and if it is possible, the yellow makes you glow even more. It is amazing after 3 kids, at 5 months along, your belly is only that little bump. So cute.

Me and My 3 said...

CUte Bonnie. I can't wait to see you. I really hope you do come in January. I would love to give you a massage for some pictures. :O) I need some of me and my kiddo's.
I love you
Love Ali

Darla and Kirk Nuttall said...

Well I am only four months a long Bonnie and my belly is bigger than yours. That is so sad. I didn't realize how sick you were and sometimes still are. I hope everything is going well. Love ya!

Dabell Family said...

You look so cute!

Monica said...

Oh you are so cute! Thanks for the update.
Love you

Answering your question
They do not think it was a heart attack but they are not sure. They are keeping him in the hospital until they know more

The Gray Gang said...

Oh my HECK! I am jealous! I am 3 months and OBVIOUSLY prego!!! I'll see if I can't find a pic!

The Calder Crowd said...

I had a lot of reading to catch up on, its been awhile since I've been able to sit and read blogs. But it looks like you had a great Christmas and you look amazing for 5 months. Also, I read your post about losing Caleb - I knew exactly how you felt as I read your experience. The school lost Aubrie the first week of school and I was a mess! I tried to be strong for as long as I could but I lost it after an hour of still not finding her. So I feel your pain!! I am so glad he was okay and smart enough to get home safely. When do I get to see you?!!

Devyn said...

You look so cute! I am so excited for you!

Kristy and Casey said...

You are so cute! At 5 months you look fantastic. I can't wait to hear a boy name!

Anonymous said...

look at your cute belly! you are so stinkin' cute!!

The Shaws said...

Very cute, Bon! You are a beautiful pregnant mommy. Sorry you've been so sick. My sis-in-law gets the same way with her pregnancies. Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Jas, Kris and Kiddies said...

What gives??? Your belly is so little! I am a month and a half behind you and I am bigger. Jason thinks we are having twins. I think I am just fat. We will find out for sure this Wednesday. You look so cute and I loved your girl name you had picked out. I have always loved Presley (I am an obsessed Elvis fan.) I am sure your boy name will be adorable too.

Hanna Terrill said...

I just caught up on the last 10 posts, no lie!!! I loved every second of it. I am in serious need of some blogging therapy. I think my very favorite pic was of Beau and Caleb in there suites, so handsome!
I am extremely jealous of that four wheeler and the time it takes you to do your drive way, and that teeny, tiny, prego belly of yours. You are absolutely glowing. Savanah looks so grown up in those Christmas pictures, and Santa SPOILED the heck out of your family!!!!! You guys must have been really, really nice!

Dave and Candace said...

You look great Bonnie! I also loved your Christmas pictures. I agree with you - it is so wonderful to be expecting a baby!

anna said...

That's a bump? Man at 9months you'll probably have bump! You are so adorable. I crave Winger's chicken deluxe sandwich all the time and I'm not even prego!! I think that's what I'll have tonight...mmmmmmmmmm

Jenna said...

Belly Pictures in a loose shirt don't count!! You can't even tell you are pregnant either! You look like you just finished Thanksgiving dinner - not you 5th month of pregnancy! :-) I love the girl name you picked! creative - just like you!

Becca said...

1: Totally cute pictures
2: Amen to craving sushi. YUM!
3: Presley? Boogs, if you choose it, I'm sure I'll come around, but any girl named Presley will get made fun of, and I don't know if I will be able to refrain from calling her Elvis.
4: But I do love Paige.

happystuff4 said...

Bonnie you are very cute prego !! I agree time goes faster and fast with each baby when are you due? congrats on your baby boy!!! Oh and we just found out we are having another boy also!!!