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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kennedy is 8

No. No way. No way shape or form. 
She can't be 8 already! I just won't allow it!
 If I had it my way, she would stay little FOREVER!!

Kennedy is my easiest child to shop for. She is super easy to please and likes everything. 
Don't mind her "bed head" She arose quite early to open presents!
 She was spoiled! 

8 of our favorite things about Kenny Poo are

1. She can make anyone smile when she gets silly.
2. She is a good friend.
3. She is sassy.
4.  She is very nuturing.
5. She is super creative.
6. She is my fashionista.
7. She is so beautiful
8. She is ours!!

We love you so much Kennedy! 
These past 8 years you have been in our lives have been wonderful. You teach us so much about ourselves. You make your mom and dad so proud of you. And you make us want to be better parents!
Keep working hard in school and in life and you will go far. That smile of yours is contagious. Always choose the right and continue to be such a good girl!!
We love you!

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