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Monday, May 21, 2012

No Training Wheels

Lukas is obsessed with his bike. OBSESSED is not even a strong enough word to describe how much he loves to ride his bike. He has been on a bike since he could ride. He is crazy on it. He jumps, skids, jumps some more, and totally has no fear whatsoever. Beau had been noticing that for quite some time now Luke has been riding on one wheel 'cause his training wheels are broken {Beau bent them on purpose to make him learn to balance quicker} and that half the time the way he balanced made him ride without either training wheel. Beau kept saying to me that he thought Lukas could easily ride without them. 

This is our typical Lukas out riding bright an early in the morning half dressed..
He likes to pretend his is riding a "go go" {which in Lukas talk means a dirtbike}
I {heart} these pictures of him in his "go go" gear.
Look at that wheel.
This one melts my heart.

 After an hour of riding, Beau removed his training wheels and just put his bike down. Lukas hoped on, beau barely holding onto the back, and Lukas took off. No training wheels. No dad running behind him helping him balance. Just him. Perfectly riding.

My 3 year old can ride a bike without training wheels.
It is awesome and maybe a little scary 'cause he has no fear.

He was a little cautious when he turned {look at that face} but he did great!

 I fear the next thing Luke is going to be asking us is if we will let him ride the "go go" by himself!

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