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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rhino Rally, St. George

I LOVE these girls! Savanah, Shanna, and I are all preggers!

Beaus second race of the year was fun because I had my sisters Sharla and Savanah {and Sharla's boys}, and friend Shanna there with me. They had come down for a girls weekend the day before!
So they got to experience the excitement of Desert Racing.
Kurt, Beau, and Mark ready to head out!
There he goes.
The starting line makes me anxious, nervous, and excited.
Jamen caught lizards while we waited
I LOVE this picture! I had these shirts made and surprised Beau the morning of with all of us wearing them!
 After the race started out. We headed back to Pit Row to eat lunch and enjoy one another. Oh man, did the girls get burned. I think they didn't realize how much hotter it is here.

This picture makes me laugh! This is our crew waiting for the boys to come in so we could fill there tanks with more gas, give them water, change their goggles, and gloves. I look like Can you see my worried look? HA!  
Love these girls!
We waited forever and finally the boys started coming in. Pretty soon Mark and Kurt had come in but no Beau. That isn't like him, at all. Usually he is right alongside of the rest of them. I started panicking thinking of every possible thing that could have gone wrong. Talk about anxiety attack.
Finally Beau came in.....his boot on his spark plug had come off and made his bike stall out, making him dead last at the starting line. So he really was playing catch up the whole time. I thought for sure he was gonna call it good and not keep going, but he was such a tropper and still headed out for his second loop regardless. 
Even after all of that he managed to come in 61st out of 300 bikes. 
He really is such a great rider. 
It was so frustrating for him. 
I was just glad he was ok. 

After the race Beau took all the kids back to the house and Sharla, Savanah, Shanna, and I headed to St. George to go shopping and to dinner.
Oh my goodness....we had SO MUCH FUN.

Some of the other highlights of there visit were:
Facials, Scalp treatments, food, hitting the town, face masks, movies, swimming, more shopping, and laughing hard.

They were all so sweet. One morning they scrubbed down my walls, counters, cabinets, and floor boards to help me out while I was pregnant. I miss having family around so much. This is something I miss. Having that extra help when it is needed and being able to help them out as well.

I will cherish the memory of them coming FOREVER.
I had a good cry after they left. 
It really was such a fun time with them here.
Can't someone just move here???
Face mask and movie night.
I love this picture of Sharla and I....even with my chubby pregger face!
Did I mention already how much I love these girls?
I am going to miss them so much. 
 I can't wait for the next girls trip!

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