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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharla Comes to Visit

(Back in April.... I know we are so far behind!)

Right after Nikki and Wes left, my sister Sharla and her husband Justin came to visit with their baby Dylan. 
I LOVE that they came. It is so much fun to share the things we LOVE about living in Southern Utah with others. We were hoping to convince them to stay forever. 
One of the first things we did was go to Red Cliffs. We had never been before and decided it would be a fun adventure for our families. 
We hiked in on a trail that seemed popular and found a gorgeous little spot to rest by some water. I can't believe we hadn't come here before. It was gorgeous and perfect for the kids!
Here are some random shots from  our hike.....
 Beautiful Sharla....come back...I miss you so much!
 ewww.....these were everywhere...NASTY but fascinating.
 Justin and Dylan.
 We weren't prepared for swimming...but that didn't stop any of us from wading in the water.
 Doesn't this old tree look like an elephant? We thought so!


Christina said...

Hey- you updated!! Wahoo! I'm trying my darndest to do better with the blog myself. It seems like hardly anyone is blogging these days and sometimes I wish I had more to read. So keep 'em coming! ps. Congrats!!

{Lindsey} said...

Love Red Cliffs!! Glad you had a fun time :)