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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Part 3 - Wes and Nikki Visit

One of the highlights of them coming was when we packed our families up and headed out to Warner Valley for some riding for everyone. Kurt and Farah Lefevre and Danny and Jeanne Harris came too. It was a perfect day! Nikki and I doing what we love, chatting, laughing, and taking a gazillion pictures! The boys doing what they love, riding. And the kids playing, digging, and getting dirty to their hearts content.

Because of all the pictures I would like to document, they are in no particular order!
Caleb experienced jumping a higher jump for the first time and he is now hooked.

 i {HEART} this lady!(Nikki's mom) 
She is the sweetest!
 Torsten and Lukas played for hours on the "go go" as Luke would say!
 The kids LOVE rides with dad!
 I love this picture of Maddi. haha....she was running to get out of the way of the men jumping!

 The pictures of Beau and Caleb riding together seriously make my heart melt!
 Look at Savanah's hair.....dang it...worst mom award....where is her helmet?
 This is Wes and Beau's club! (Inside joke)
 Caleb got so good at jumping after just a few tries!
 my fav...

 Hot stuff Nikki! (come back)

 I have to sacrifice my body for some good shots...tehe. Let's just say I could taste dirt for the rest of the day!
 Love Wes and Nikki's family so much! They are always so good to come and see us and we appreciate it so much!


Kristi said...

I sooo want to come ridding... I love the shots you got Amazing!!

Becca said...

All of these pictures are cool, but Savanah with the shovel is my favorite.