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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moroni Writings

Who knows how the rumor got started of the Moroni Writings, but after hiking to them to see with my own eyes. I am not a believer. HA!
But the hike was fun and beautfiul anyways.
Nothing beats spending the day as a family with good friends.
It was fun to go with the Church and Lovell family. 

(only had my small purse camera with the clarity isn't the best)

 Miss this beautiful lady and her fam!

 These two cutie pies were such gentle man. Wanting to show me their secret cave and making sure I was safe while I followed behind them!
 I love that our kids have such good friends!
I love this picture of Caleb and his good friend Jarrin!

Nothing beats a branch turned horn after a long hike!

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kari said...

Awesome pictures! So cute of lil Kennedy with the jug of h2o on each hip....looks like alot of fun!