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Friday, August 9, 2013

Boise Trip

We got the opportunity to drive to Boise and spend the weekend with Beau's siblings. He had a strong impression to go and we decided we had better listen. 

We had such a wonderful time! Lots of laughs (his family is hilarious), late night hour chats, swimming, out to eat, pictures, and relaxing! Holli and Anna offered to let us stay with them. We stayed one night with Ryan and Anna and one night with Holli and Ryan. We are so grateful for their kindness towards us! 

Our first day we spent with Ry and Anna. Beau went riding with his brother and all the sister in laws went shopping at the DI's. We all went out to eat later on that night.

The second day we spent with Holli and Ryan. Holli took us to her inlaws pool to swim for awhile.
As you can see, it was a blast.

Scarlett was caught slurping water up from the ground
Love this beautiful lady
 We love our Bunnell/Minert family.

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