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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mountain Meadow Memorial

Back in March we got to have Wes (Beau's Brother), Nikki, and their cut kiddies, here for a visit. We got to do so many fun things with them too.  
One of our adventures was heading out to the Meadow Massacre Memorial.
The drive is so beautiful. And the site itself is always humbling. 
It is sad what happened. But good to remember that we are all humans capable of weakness and sin.
Here are some pictures in random order from our trip......
 (Above is Nikki's dad, Danny)
 (below, the memorial)
 (below, some info on the massacres and site)

( below, hiking back to the cars)
 I have missed being in Idaho to make fun of all the 1J drivers, but Jeanne and Danny provided that again for us! HAHAHAHA...j/k


Bunnell's said...

This makes me miss you so much!!! Love it all!!!!!!

The Meyers said...

awesome, we need to take our kids there!!