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Monday, November 9, 2009

October Highlights

We love the month of October in our household.
We love Halloween, dressing up, baking goodies, and enjoying the crisper days!

We have had lots of fun FHE's.

We love FAMILY FUN magazine. It always has the best ideas and great fun goodies for the kids to make. SO we made these cute kitty treats for some neighbors, after our lesson.
(Just rice crispy treats, made out of cocoa pebbles, rolled in a ball. They were super DELISH!)

We also had a great FHE with the Lovell family.
Carving pumpkins, baking seeds, and eating spaghetti.
Can it get any better?

We also attended our 3rd annual Couple's Halloween Party!
Everyone looked so great in their costumes.
Beau and I decided to be GOTH this year. Hilar! creepy!

The costumes were great....

And ,of course, we can't forget one of my favorite holidays.

The kids all had so much fun dressing up and trick-or-treatin'.




She was not happy! Can you tell?


Hope you all had a fabulous month as well!
Now on to MY FAVORITE holiday of the year.
Oh I can't wait!


Forever Young said...

SOO cute! Love the Goth, if me and Jo ever get to go anywhere for halloween we just might have to dress in Goth =)

Jenna said...

soo cute!! I love that you two dressed up too! How fun! Super cute pics! :)

Dabell Family said...

Love the costumes!!

Lindsey said...

Love all the costumes...the kids looked great! But overall, you and Beau were the best...loved it!
Glad you had a Happy Halloween and so happy that I got to see you and visit :)

Christina said...

So fun, Bonnie! Isn't Halloween the funnest ever! I LOVE it! We tried a costume party once and it was like pulling teeth to get them to dress up. Poopers, huh?

Your entire family looked all spooked up! And I alughed aloud out Beau!!! Hillarious!

Jill said...

I love the costumes. I think Lukas' my favorite!

KJWilsons said...

You guys all look AWESOME! I love S's green face, K's grumpy face, and that L was a little stinker! (G was a skunk for his first Halloween, too.)

kari said...

You all look awesome. Very curious how u did beaus sleeves. Looked pretty realistic. Your baby is getting so big.

Katie Lee said...

I LOVE it!!! Your kids are so cute. I love Lukas skunk costume! :D so adorable. I'm already planning costumes for next year... I do love halloween! Tebbin will probably end up being Batman! :D

Anonymous said...

great costumes! looked like a great month!